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Source: CRLLCCR Professional Development

Is there a simple checklist for using the Automated Schedule Builder (ASB)?


Here is a checklist with resources for setting up and using the Automated Schedule Builder.
Steps to do before running the Automated Schedule Builder (ASB).

  1. Transfer the supporting tables to next year using School Year Maintenance. Consider adding the Course Section Table to the Auto-Select Default Tables so you can keep sections that will not change in the new school year, such as lunch or career tech.

  1. Create and maintain Section Patterns. Each Section Pattern describes the possible section meeting times (scheduling Term, Periods and Days) that the ASB must use to build sections for the course it is working with.

  1. Maintain the Course Catalog Constraints and sequencing. The course constraints will let the ASB know when a course should be scheduled, how many sections to schedule and how many students per section.

  1. Maintain the Room Constraints. The room constraints will let the ASB know when a room is not available or which courses should be scheduled into a specific room.

  1. Maintain the Teacher Constraints. The teacher constraints will let the ASB know which courses the teacher should be scheduled into or when a teacher is not available.

SCHEDULING CHECKPOINTS ARE HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Checkpoints allow you return to specific points in time building your master schedule. They give you the ability to track where you are in the process and to try different scenarios.  I would rather have one that I didn’t need, than need one that I didn’t have.

  1. Create and Maintain Scheduling Checkpoints. Checkpoints are working copies of the entire master schedule which includes: the Catalog, Sections, Teachers, Rooms, Departments, Section Patterns, Terms, Course Sequence Data, and Student Schedule tables. The Checkpoint information is specific to the school and year selected. You can create up to 26 checkpoints each day, so create them often.  

Run Automated Schedule Builder. The following videos were recorded with an older version of the software. The same features are available in Vision SIS.

  1. Build Sections looks at the individual Course Schedule Constraints criteria set for each course and builds Course Section(s) with the best meeting time for the course.

  1. Assign Rooms to existing sections. The Assign Rooms job first tries to assign rooms based on rooms that must be used for a course.

  1. Assign Teachers to existing sections. The Assign Teachers job first tries to assign teachers based on teachers that must teach a course.

  1. Remove Sections from the Student Requests to unschedule students from existing sections. Afterwards, you may make adjustments to your Constraints, and then run the ASB again to attempt a better master schedule.

  1. Remove Sections from the Section Table includes unscheduling the students from the selected sections. Afterwards, you may adjust your Constraints, and then run the Build Sections operation again.

  1. Remove Room Assignments from course sections. You may make adjustments to Room Constraints (in the Edit Rooms job in Generations). You may run the Assign Rooms operation again in the ASB to reassign rooms to the section.

  1. Remove Teacher Assignments from course sections. You may make adjustments to Teacher Constraints (in the Edit Staff Expanded Editor in Generations). You may run the Assign Teachers operation again in the ASB to reassign teachers to the section.

  1. Schedule Analysis Report to view detailed statistics about your school's Master Schedule. The resulting report will display statistical counts of various course constraints data such as the number of courses set up to have sections built (based on Course Constraints data).

  1. Other scheduling reports are also available

Additional Information
Additional KBAs are available at CR Knowledge Base.
Additional Tech Bytes are available at CR Tech Bytes.
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Applies to VersionsVision SIS - Verion 1.0 or later
KeywordsAutomated Schedule Builder, ASB, Checkpoints, Section Patterns, Constraints, Teachers, Rooms, Course Catalog, Courses, Sections, Course Sections, Student Requests, Scheduling.



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