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Configuring One Call Now for the New School Year

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Source: CRLLCCRLLC Professional Development

How do I configure One Call now for the new school year?

  1. Make sure your One Call Now license is up-to-date. If you receive a warning message upon login for product expiration, or the MMS Generations School > Operations > Configure MMS/One Call Now Auto-Link is greyed out, please contact the sales department.

  2. Log into MMS Generations. Select the school year you wish to set up.

  3. School > Operations > Configure MMS/One Call Now Auto-Link

  4. Change the School Year and Starting/Ending Dates to the new school year and school calendar dates. If you are using One Call Now over the summer, set the beginning date as the first day you wish to use One Call Now.

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  1. Turn Auto Link On for each school after you update the dates and school years.

  2. Please be sure to enable and configure Staff Roster Setup, Attendance Call List Setup 1, or Attendance Call List Setup 2 if it was not previously enabled and you are planning to start using it.

  3. If you are changing the time for your attendance call list to be sent, change the time of the automatic export task in the task scheduler. If you are an MMS Online client, notify of the new time that you would like the call list to be sent.

  4. If at any point during the day you would like to manually export the One Call Now lists, go to School > Operations > Export to One Call Now and within 15 minutes, it will be exported to One Call Now.

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