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Creating MMS Online Teacher Accounts

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Source: CRLLCCRLLC Professional Development

How do I create a MMS Online Teacher Portal Account?
This article applies to both MMS Online as well as Self Hosted instances.

  1. Log into MMS Generations.

  2. Select Admin> User Accounts from the top menu.

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  1. Click the Add User/Template button.

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  1. Enter your User or Template Name in the field (Displayed in orange).

  2. Click the OK Button.

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Please note: The username cannot contain spaces, and can only contain letters, digits (1-9) or a period. If you use characters outside of the requirements, the system will notify you with the above error.

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  1. Add a Password to the Password Field.

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  1. Click the DB Access Tab.

  2. Click the Page + button.

  3. Click the button.

Please note the button will not be available if step 16 is not performed.

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  1. Click the Load SQL Database button.

  2. Click the down arrow to select a database.

  3. Click the OK Button.

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  1. Click the checkbox under Open by Default.

  2. Click the down arrow under School Code to select a school.

  1. Checking the checkbox for Default School will automatically display the selected school when the user logs in.

  1.  Click the OK button.

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  1. Select the Staff Tab.

  2. For Is this user a teacher, click Yes.

  3. Click the button.

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  1. Select the database from the Database List on the left.

  1. You may need to Load a SQL database if your database is not displayed in the list, by clicking Load SQL Database and then clicking the down arrow (Displayed in Orange).

  1. Click OK.

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  1. Select the down arrow under Select school code and select a school from the list.

  2. Verify School year is correct under Select school year (Displayed in Orange).

  3. Click the down arrow in the Select a teacher category and Select a Teacher from the drop-down list.

  1. This list is populated by the staff list in MMS Generations > School > Edit Staff Basic.

  1.  Select Whether or not to include access to Classroom Discipline (Displayed in Green).

  2.  Click the OK button.

Additional Information

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  1. On the Portals tab, Can view student records through the Staff Portal enables staff portal access for the teacher, in addition to teacher portal access (Displayed in Orange)

  2. Teacher portal accounts do not require work folders.

  3. Teacher portal accounts do not require RDP accounts.

 Additional KBAs are available at

To Change Password or Unlock RDP user: Click Here
For Login Errors: Click Here
Configure Remote Desktop Connection for New User: Click Here

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