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Editing Teacher Access to Staff Portal

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Source: CRLLCCRLLC Technical Support (RJK)

We enabled some or all teachers to have access to specific students in the Staff Portal at Parent View. Teachers can still see all the students in the school by going to Grade Book >> Teacher Grade Book. How can we disable this and/or other functions available in the Staff portal?

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  1. The MMS administrator needs to log into the Admin portal.
  2. Filter By: Select the school the teacher is assigned to in MMS Generations through Admin >> User Accounts.
  3. Select Site Admin >> Admin Functions >> Menu Privileges.
  4. Select User to Edit: Choose the (Staff) account for the teacher.
NOTE: If the teacher has access to the Staff portal there will be two accounts listed for the teacher. One will be a (Staff) account, the other will be the (Teacher) account.
  1. Select Menu to Edit: Choose Grade Book from the dropdown.
  2. Check to Disable: Select this checkbox for each item you wish to disable in the Menu Title column. See image below

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  1. Repeat for additional (Staff) as needed, and adjust users access privileges.
Additional Information

See also KBA (Knowledge Base Article): How to Set Menu Privileges in the Portals, How to Give Teachers Access to the Staff Portal and Limit Access to Specific Students.

Applies to VersionsMMS Generations – All versions
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