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GPA and Class rank not showing on transcript

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Why is the GPA and Class rank not showing on transcripts?

There are two options to consider with regards to GPA and Class Rank.
  1. The school will need to compute GPA and Class Rank in the New Year for it to show on the transcript. This is because these calculations do not transfer over during the school year roll over unless specifically selected.
  1. Grading >> Operations >> Compute Grade Point Averages
  2. Grading >> Operations >> Compute Class Rank
  1. Copy the Student GPA and class rank from the prior year. The only drawback to doing this is the “class size” will be the same as it was in the previous year. It will however solve the problem of the GPA not showing up on permanent transcripts.
    1. Admin >> School Year Maintenance, Transfer the Student GPA Table from last year to this with an appropriate Student Range
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