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How is GPA Affected by Withdrawn Courses and Withdrawal Grades?

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Source: CRLLCCR Technical Support (RJK)

How are GPA calculations affected by withdrawn courses and withdrawal grades?


The answer depends upon the following questions:

  • What type of GPA is being computed?

  • How was the student withdrawn from the course?

  • Have withdrawal grades been entered into the student’s grade record?

  • Where were they were entered - in what Marking Period(s)?

  1.  If the course/section was withdrawn only from Scheduling, see Section Exit/Entry Dates in MMS Generations GPA calculations would be unaffected. Any grades entered would count towards GPA. To exclude a course section from GPA there needs to be a withdrawal grade entered.

  • “What are withdrawal grades?”

Common types of withdrawal grades are grades such as W, WF, WP, M, and X. They are grades specifically used to indicate a student withdrew from a course. By default they are setup in Grades > More Grade Editing Jobs > Edit Valid Grades List to not count towards GPA, Honor Roll, or when computing credits.

User-added image

  • Note the column headers in the image above outlined in red: 1) Withdrawn Grade; 2) Include in GPA. Note the W grade is set to Yes for Withdrawal Grade; for include in GPA, No.

Although entering a withdrawal grade in any marking period will withdraw a student from that course in both Scheduling and Grade Reporting, do not confuse this with the method of withdrawing a student from a course/section through Scheduling only, as this option does not automatically assign withdrawal grades. Assigning a withdrawal grade is important for schools that calculate GPA, Honor Roll or Credits

  1. ​The three types of GPA calculations to consider are:
  • 1) Term 2) Current Year 3) Cumulative or Career

  • To compute GPA in MMS Generations, go to Grades > Operations > Compute Grade Point Average.

User-added image

  1. By default the Final Average (FAV for many schools) is the default marking period to use when computing GPA. This is setup in Grades > More Grade Editing Jobs > Edit Grade Schemes > Grade Assignment Weighting Plans.The check entered in the FAV column enables the default.

User-added image

  1. When a “withdrawal grade” is entered into the FAV Marking period, the default marking period for GPA, the course/section will be excluded from GPA calculations, as well as for credit computations.
  • Referring to the image in #2 above, this is true for Career and Current GPA calculations.

  • Care should be taken when Term GPA is selected or when no FAV grade exists or the “Allow substitution when empty grade fields are found” is activated.

  • Example: Grade Substitution is enabled where if FAV is missing substitute Qt1, Qt2, Qt3, Qt4; or Term GPA is selected for an individual term. With no withdrawal grade in the FAV marking period the computations will use any marking period not containing a withdrawal grade.

  • Example: A student withdraws from a course/section during Qt2. The student was withdrawn correctly from Scheduling (refer back to #1 above), however there are regular grades in Qt1, Qt2 and either one of those Terms is selected for computing GPA or included in the Setup for Grade Substitution in GPA. The grades will count towards GPA.

  • Deciding where to enter the Withdrawal grade can be difficult depending when the student withdrew. If the student withdraws early in a term, the existing term grade can usually be replaced with a withdrawal grade. However if late in the term, often the grade will not want to be replaced, and the withdrawal grade can be entered into the next marking period.
    Careful consideration of the situation needs to be done. In making a final decision on where to enter the withdrawal grade the important thing to understand is we want to avoid including 2 grades for the same course in a computation.

  • If any of the Terms included in the setup include a withdrawal grade, none of the grades will count towards GPA. The course/section will be omitted. 

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