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MMS Online Configure LDAP

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Source: CRLLC

How do I configure the portals for use with LDAP in our MMS Online environment?

This article applies to both MSM Online as well as Self Hosted instances, with the exception of step 5. For Self Hosted instances, use your network server name or internal IP address.


Prior to Set Up

Ports must be opened in your firewall for incoming and outgoing communications with your Domain Controller or LDAP Server. You may also need to configure windows firewall on the server to allow access. The port required is 389 for standard LDAP and 636 for SSL. This must be done prior to setting up your portal LDAP services, in order to use the test function described below.

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  1. Log into the Admin Portal using the username administrator.

  2. Select Site Admin from the top menu.

  3. Select Directory Service Validation Information.
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  1. Select your Directory Service Type.

 This article covers Microsoft Active Directory.

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  1. Enter your Server Name in the field (Displayed in orange).
  1. This is the server name or external IP Address of your Domain Controller or LDAP server.
  1. Choose which portals will use Active Directory authentication (Displayed in green).

  1. Staff Portal, Teacher Portal or Student Portal. Multiple portals may be selected.

  1. Enter your Domain Name in the field (Displayed in blue in the image above).

  1. This is usually the top of your directory tree (example

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  1. Select the Active Directory Field that holds the MMS Student ID Number (Displayed in orange).

  1. This will be the field that houses (id number) for the student. Typically this is t
    he Login Name or Description.

  1. Choose whether to use standard LDAP protocol or SSL Protocol (Displayed in green).

  1. For LDAP the standard port is 389, this is the port that the system will use if the Use SSL Protocol box is not checked.

  2. For SSL the standard port is 636, this is the port that the system will use if the Use SSL Protocol box is checked.

This will affect which port needs to be opened in your firewall for both outgoing and incoming communications to your server.

  1. To begin a test of your configuration, enter an active directory User Name and User Password (displayed in blue in the image above)
  2.  Check the box to test return of MMS Student ID (Displayed in blue).

  1. This can be tested before submitting the settings and will show the results of the current data in the fields.

  1. If you have chosen to test a student login, click the Test Directory Service Login button, this will complete the test and display the test results.

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  1. Once you have completed entering all fields (as seen in the image above), or you have returned a successful test of student login data, click the Submit Directory Service Setup Button.
Additional Information

Additional KBAs are available at

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