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MMS Online Configuring SMTP in the Admin Portal

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How do I set up the email service from the MMS Admin Portal?
How do I configure SMTP settings in the MMS Admin Portal?
This article contains MMS Online specific information and is for MMS Online Customers.


In order to perform the below listed steps, you must be logged into the MMS Admin Portal as username “administrator”.

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  1. Log into the MMS Admin Portal.

  2. Select the Site Admin menu option.

  3. Select the URL to MMS Portals/Outgoing Mail Server Information sub menu option.

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  1. Enter the Email Address of the MMS Portals Administrator.
  1. This is the email address parents will see on emails from the system. If a parent replies to an automated email, this is the email account that will receive the email.
  1. Set the Outgoing (SMTP) Mail Server Name to

  2. Verify that there is no username or password in the corresponding fields (Displayed in green above).

  3. The SMTP Port will be 25 by default, and should remain 25 (Displayed in Orange).

  4. Click Submit/Test Email Settings

  1. The email specified in step 4 will receive a test email from the portal to verify the address.

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