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MMS Online Remote Desktop Config for Mac

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Source: CRLLCCRLLC Professional Development

How do I configure a remote desktop connection (RDC) to access MMS Online from a Mac? What are the settings to enable printer and drive redirection?

  1. Go to the App Store.


  1. Search for Microsoft Remote Desktop.

  2. Click Install.

  3. Click the Microsoft Remote Desktop icon.


  1. Click New +.

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*Alternatively, if a connection is already set up, right click the connection and select edit. 

  1. In the edit window, enter the following:

  • Connection Name: MMS Online.

  • PC Name: Your MMS URL:

  • Format is:

  • Username: Enter “\” and Username.

  • Password: Your MMS Online Password.

  1. Gateway: Click to add a new gateway.

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  1. Input the following:

  • Gateway name: MMS Online.

  • Server: Your MMS URL:

  • Format:

  • Username: Enter ‘\’ and Username.

  • Password: Your MMS Online Password.

  1. Click the Red X in the upper left corner of the preferences window.

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  1.  Select Session Icon.

  2. Check the checkbox for Forward Printing Devices.

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  1. Click Redirection.

  2.  Click the down arrow next to path.

  3.  Browse to your home folder/ drive.

  4.  Click OK.

  5.  Click OK.

  6.  Click the red X in the upper left corner.

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