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MMS Online Remote Desktop Config

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Source: CRLLCCRLLC Professional Development (CEC)

How do I configure a remote desktop connection (RDC) to access MMS Online? What are the settings to enable printer and drive redirection?


To configure a remote desktop connection to access your MMS Online instance:

  1. Click the windows button
  2. In the upper right corner of the screen click the magnifying glass to search
  3. Type mstsc (Microsoft Terminal Services Connection) into the search menu

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  1. Click the Remote Desktop Icon

  2. Click Show Options

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  1. Enter the following data
  1. Computer –  Your mms online URL without the www, followed by :31652
  2. Username -  Your RDP Username, generally set to first initial and last name (jjones)
  1. Check the Allow me to save credentials check box
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  1. Click the Local resources Tab

  2. Check the box to redirect printers

  3. Click the More… button

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  1. In the screen that follows, check the checkbox next to ports

  2. Click the + next to drives

  3. Check the drives you wish to redirect (for example your local c drive)

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  1. Click OK

  2. Select the General Tab

  3. Click Save As

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  1. In the Pop Up that follows

  2. Click Desktop in the left pane

  3. Enter MMS Online.rdp for filename

  4. Click Save

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  1. Click Hide Options

  2. Click Connect

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  1. Enter your password

  2. Check the checkbox for “Remember my credentials”

  3. Click OK

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