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MMS Precision Report Writer PRW Move File Utility.

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Source: CRLLCCR Professional Development

How do I configure PRW to work with the PRW Move File utility? How can I save documents from PRW to my local machine?


This applies to both MMS Online customers and self-hosted.
To output Precision Report Writer files to your local machine.

  1. Create a PRWout folder on the root of your C: drive.

  2. Log into MMS Generations.

  3. School > School Management Reports > Precision Report Writer (Designer Mode).

  4. Highlight the Request you want to export.

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  1. Click Edit.

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  1. Click Output.

If you are creating an Excel spreadsheet, leave it as Excel (XLS) – File Only.

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  1. Click on Special Processing Options.

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  1. Enter ! PRWMoveFile.cmd in the After Output, Execute area.
  • Use ! PRWMoveFileMac.cmd if appropriate.
  1. Click OK.
  1. Use the Change Location of PRW Export File KBA to verify the location of the export is in the …\USERDEF\PRWRITER\OUT folder and not a subfolder of USERDEF.

  2. Click Run from the Request Editor.

    1. The export will be created on the server.

    2. A window will open briefly showing the contents of the USERDEF\PRWRITER\OUT folder being copied to your local C:\prwout folder and then deleted from the server.

Additional Information

If you need to install the PRW Move File utility:

  • Request the utility file from CR Support, include whether you need the Mac version.

  • MMS Online clients will have it installed for them.


  • Copy the PRWMoveFile.cmd file into the PRWRITER folder in the root of your MMS Generations installation on your server. Adjust the default location of C:\Program Files (x86)\MMSGE\PRWRITER if needed.

​Additional KBAs are available at CR Knowledge Base.

Applies to VersionsMMS GE, Precision Report Writer, PRW, PRWriter
KeywordsPRW, Precision Report Writer, File Output, Move File, Save Files.



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