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PA EWS Dashboard Checklist

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Source: CRLLCCR Professional Development

Is there a simple checklist for the MMS Generations Pennsylvania Early Warning System (EWS)?


Here is a checklist with resources for setting up and using the PA EWS Dashboard.

  1. Install the latest PA EWS Dashboard.

  1. Review data needed for EWS in the Staff Editor, Student Editor, Course Catalog and Student Attendance Entry/Withdrawal.

  1. Set up the PA Automated Export Agent so it can run unattended.

  1. Once the Automated Export runs, check the export log files.

  1. You can run the MMSDashboardSubmission.exe at any time.

  • Either run the Scheduled Task on demand or run the executable.

  • If MMS hosts your data, please contact to run this for you.

  1. Log into the Pennsylvania PIMS area and check the Batch Manager and the File Manager.

  • Check the Batch Manager first and resolve any errors.

  • Then check the File Manager and resolve any errors.

  • If needed, work with the state resources to clarify the errors.

  1. PA EWS Dashboard uses the older Attendance Entry/Withdrawal codes.

  1. Once you have verified the data in the testing or staging environment and notify the state you are ready to move into production.

  1. At the beginning of the new school year, you must update the export agent.

Additional Information

Additional KBAs are available at CR Knowledge Base.
Additional Tech Bytes are available at CR Tech Bytes.

Applies to VersionsMMS Generations: All Versions. Portals: All Versions
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