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There are two exports we need to run to report data for Free and Reduced lunch. Where can we find the SES Student File and the SES Eligibility files? How does it work? Is there a way to automate this process?


The two exports: the SES Student file and the SES Eligibility file are both located among your PIMS Standard exports. Both are tab delimited files.

They will need to be exported and uploaded to PRIMEROedge, a third party data collection service, not to PIMS/PDE.

  1. Pennsylvania PIMS Operations >> Exports >> PIMS Standard Export
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  1. Select to export the SES Student File to a location/drive/folder you have access to, then name the file - Student.TXT. Click Process.
Note: All the students in the current filter will have a record. If a student is in more than one school and you are using a Multi-School database, the most recent enrollment record will be exported.
  1. Select to export the SES Eligibility File to a location/drive/folder you have access to, name the file Eligibilty.TXT. Click Process.
Neither one of these files will be exported to PIMS. Rather you will manually upload the files to PRIMEROedge. Please use the following link to the PDE to learn more about PRIMEROedge and how to import the data:

Most of the data being exporting is derived from the Contact records. The (131) Food Program Eligibility (field PA131ELIG) is entered in Pennsylvania EDR Operations >> Student Editor under the PA EDR tab and the PIMS 1 sub-tab
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Data will be formatted as needed for the exports.

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Applies to VersionsPIMS as of version 8.93
KeywordsPIMS SES, Primero Edge, Free and Reduced Lunch, Food Program Eligibility



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