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Parents can't log into the parent portal in the new year

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Source: CRLLCCRLLC Technical Support (JEG)
When parents try to log into the parent portal it says their username and password are invalid. Why is this happening?
There are three possible reasons.
Reason 1:
This can happen when you have school year override on. What happens is the system is looking for a username and password for the previous year and if they have been moved to the new year the username and password are not recognized. Remove the school year override and it will work.
  1. Admin Portal >> Site Admin >> Override School Year
  2. Click Delete next to the old school year
Reason 2:
The second reason can be that the usernames and passwords were not moved to the new year. To do this you must be in MMS Generations.
  1. Go to the previous school year where the parents had already created accounts.
  2. Go to Biographic >> Operations >> Compare & Update for New School Year
  3. Here you want to check For selected data fields, apply an edit from the current year to target years, select the new school year, select CON_PW1, CON_PWPP, CON_UNAME.
  4. Click Process to copy the usernames and passwords for parents from the previous year to the new year. 
Reason 3:
The third reason can be that the school has reset the parent’s account and the school needs to notify the parent that they need to create it again.

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Applies to VersionsMMS Portals: All Versions, MMS Generations: All Versions
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