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Subject Grades or Skill Grades are Missing on Grade Reports

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Source: CRLLCCRLLC Technical Support

When printing Report Cards or Progress Reports, subject and/or skill grades are not printing; course information may be missing. I verified the grades can be viewed in Vision SIS and by teachers in Classroom Management.


Subject and/or Skill grades are dependent upon proper synchronization with the Student Scheduling table. If synchronization is not present, grades and/or courses will not print.
To insure that no grades or courses are missing from grade reports, the user must have access to Generations > Admin > Data Integrity. The following requires the user to be in the correct school and year. 

  1. Go to Generations > Admin > Data Integrity. 

  2. Select Validate Grade and Withdrawal Flags, as seen in the image below.

Note: This process correctly sets a flag used to determine whether students are enrolled or withdrawn from a course/section. This must be done prior to Step 4.  

  1. Process. You do not need to view the report.

User-added image
  1. Finish by selecting the next two items:
  • Synchronize Student Grades Record table.
  • Student Skills Grade Table: Synchronize with Student Scheduling table.
  • Process.
  • You do not need to view the report.
Additional Information

Best practice is to run this operation before printing any grade reports including Report Cards, Progress reports and Permanent Transcripts.

Additional KBAs are available at CR Knowledge Base.
Additional Tech Bytes are available at CR Tech Bytes.


Applies to VersionsGenerations: All Versions; Vision SIS: Version 1.0 or later
KeywordsReport cards; Progress reports; Skill report cards; Standards report cards; Permanent Transcripts; Missing grades; Missing courses; Skill grades missing.



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