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Teacher Portal: Configuring Homeroom Attendance

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How do I configure homeroom attendance for teachers to take attendance in the teacher portal?

  1. Log into MMS Generations.

  2. Admin > Database Configuration > Attendance

  1. Note, this can also be configured in Staff Portal > Manage > Configure Attendance

  1. Select the school that you are configuring in the dropdown menu in the top left of the window.

  2. Under Online and Remote Attendance entry options in the middle of the window, select Homeroom.
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  1. At the bottom of the window, you can set for how many calendar days in the past teachers can edit attendance records in their homeroom.

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  1. Click OK (“save” if you are in the Staff Portal).

  2. School > Edit Rooms

  3. Add the homerooms that you will be assigning to teachers and students.

  1. You can use actual room numbers that are shared by other classes or create/name a completely different set of rooms used specifically for homeroom tracking. If you pursue the latter option, you can omit the rooms from scheduling using the checkboxes at the far right of the window.
  1. Assign homerooms to teachers and students.

  1. Students are assigned homerooms through the Student Biographical Editor in Bio > Edit Student Biographical Records. They can mass-assigned homerooms through Bio > Operations > Mass Edit Biographical Information.

  1. Note, this operation can also be run in the Staff Portal.

  1. Teachers are assigned homerooms through the Expanded Staff Editor in School > Edit Staff Basic or Edit Staff Expanded.

  1. Once teachers and students have homerooms assigned, log into a homeroom teacher’s account in the teacher portal.

  2. Select the homeroom from the class dropdown menu. By default, the homeroom will always be the last class in the dropdown list.
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  1. Attendance > Enter Attendance By List
  2. You should now see a list of all the kids in this teacher’s homeroom. The configuration for online homeroom attendance is complete.
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