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Course Credits not Calculating Correctly

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Source: CRLLCCRLLC Professional Development

When running the Calculate Course Credits operation in MMS Generations, the credit amounts are incorrect.


The two most common causes of credits being calculated with incorrect totals are:

  1. Incorrect setup


  1. Incorrect credits values have been stored and need to be cleared out.


The best way to find out the possible cause of the problem is to select just one student to work with.  If you are trying to calculate Career Credits, start small by looking at Current Year Credits.  Manually calculate the student’s credits.

  1. Log into MMS Generations. Go to Grade Reporting Jobs > Operations > Compute Course Credits.

  2. Enter in the settings you have been using or Recall Settings.

  3. Set the student range to the test student.

  4. Process.

  5. Click on the View/Print Log button.

  6. A report similar to the one below will be displayed:
User-added image
  1. In this example, credits are earned on the semester average rather than the final average .So for a full year course, half the total credits will be earned on a passing grade for Semester 1 (MAV) and the other half for a passing grade for Semester 2 (S2A).

  2. The records in the red box pictured above are from a Semester 2 course. The S2A (Semester 2 average) is 69 which is a failing grade in the Valid Grade List. Because of this, no credit was earned. Each course will have a summary line in the log.

  3. The records in the green box pictured above are from a full year course. The student received passing grades for each semester.Credits were earned for both semesters.

  4. Refer to the following knowledge base articles on computing course credits: How To Compute Career Credits  &  How To Compute Current Year Credits.  Check settings in the following areas: Course Catalog, Section Table, Edit Grade Schemes, Edit Valid Grade List and verify the rules being used to compute course credits (withdrawn courses, transfer courses and allow substitution for empty grade fields).

  5. If after reviewing the settings for computing credits and finding nothing amiss, but when running the compute credits operation, the log is found as depicted below:

User-added image
  1. The course outlined in red, is a one credit course that meets for the full year. The log is showing that credits have been computed for MAV, S2A and FAV – doubling the credits for this course. This will happen if a change was made on which grade to compute credits for. For example, changing from assigning credits for the final average to calculating credits for the semester average(s).When this happens, the old credit values will have to be cleared prior to any corrections to the Grade Schemes.

  2. To clear credits calculated for grades as described in Step 12, in MMS Generations go to Grade Reporting Jobs > Operations > Move/Clear/Copy Grades.  Select the option to Clear.  Build the list of courses to process.  On the Clear Field Setup tab, select the list of field(s) to clear the credits for.  Process.

User-added image
  1. Recalculate the credits just for the test student. View the log to verify the results.  If the results are correct, run for the rest of the students.
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