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Vision Family Mobile – Setup and Access for Parents & Students

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TitleVision Family Mobile – Setup and Access for Parents & Students

Vision Family Mobile – Setup and Access for Parents & Students

Prior To Implementation

The school will need to have the mobile activated before parents and students will have access.

You must have a parent account and access to the Family Engagement website before using the mobile application. Don’t have an account? Click the following link for more information:

How to Create a Parent Portal Account


Q. How to do I get the app?
A. You can download the app for Android devices from Google Play or for iOS devices from the Apple App Store. Search Apps for Vision Family Mobile.
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Q. I’ve installed the app, what is my District ID?
A. When you log into the Family Engagement website, your District ID is displayed on the landing page.
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Enter the email address that was used to create your Parent Account. Use the same password for the Vision Family Mobile app as the Family Engagement website.
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Q. I don’t see a District ID in the Family Engagement website when I log in.
A. The school administrator has not yet entered the ID into the system. Call your school.

Q. How do I start the app?
For an Android device, tap the Apps icon, then the Vision Family Mobile icon. For an iOS device, tap the Vision Family Mobile icon on the phone’s screen.
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Q. What do I use for my login name? Is it the username I set up for the Family Engagement website?
A. No, do not use your Family Engagement website username. Use the email address on file with your school. Not sure which email address you gave the school? The email address associated with the parent account is displayed in the Family Engagement Account area. Log into the Vision Family Engagement website. Click Account. Scroll to the bottom of this page and the email account linked with your Parent Account is displayed. It is important that the same email address is used to log into the mobile application. The system uses the email address and the password to verify who you are and links you to your child’s data.
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Q. Which password do I use? Will I need to create a new one?
A. You will not create a new password. Use the same password you use to log into the Family Engagement website.
Q. If I have more than one student, how can I choose which student to view?
A. Click the ‘hamburger’ User-added image menu. The main screen slides to the right and your students are listed.
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Q. Is the information I see live from the system?
A. The information you see is determined by the refresh rate - you can set the frequency for how often your student’s information is updated/refreshed by doing one of the following:
  • Go to Settings > Auto-Refresh Interval. By default it is set for five minutes. The location of the settings icon differs, depending on the type of phone.  It will be located on the bottom of the screen for iPhones and on the top for Android phones.
  • If you are on a limited data plan, you can set the refresh to never and choose when you want the data to refresh by clearing the cache (see next question below), or if you are on the main page, by swiping down from the top of the page which also forces a refresh.
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iPhone users - the Home, Communications and Settings areas are located in the bottom of the screen.

Android users - the Home, Communications, and Settings areas are located at the top of the screen.

Q. What is Data Storage? How does it apply when using the mobile application?
A. After your student data is loaded from the website server, that information is stored locally on your device. Using the Clear Data option under Settings will force a refresh of the data when you revisit the different pages. To clear the data:
  • Select Settings, the gear symbol as shown below.
  • Select the trash can to Clear Data Now.
  • Optional: Turn the toggle on to Clear Data on logout (outlined in green).
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Q. How can I see when my data was last refreshed?
A. To see when the data was last refreshed, click the information icon at the upper right. A message similar to the one below is displayed.
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Q. What is the Assignment Color Coding?
A. You can set a visual threshold for your student’s assignment scores.  By default, assignment score thresholds are set as follows:

80+ is displayed in GREEN
80-65 are displayed in ORANGE
65 and lower are RED

  • To adjust the color coding, go to Settings > Assignment Color Coding. Edit the value by manually entering a new value.
  • You only need to edit the values green and orange. Red is set automatically.
  • Click OK.
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Q. What is Messaging? I don’t see anything there.
A. If your school has set up a message, (for example, a notification concerning an upcoming event), it will be displayed here. School messages are specific to a school (for example, only the high school), whereas district messages are applicable for all schools in the district.
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Q. Which classes are listed when I select the Schedule icon?
A. These are the courses meeting for the current term.
Q.  Is the grade that is displayed for the current year (final average)?
A. No, the grade displayed is for the current marking period. The summary of absences and the listed assignments are also for the current marking period. The school is responsible for setting the current term.
Q. Can I see a list of assignments for a specific class?
A. Yes, tap on Schedule and then tap the course you wish to see assignments.
Explanation of labels:
Done – the assignment has been completed on time and received a score.
Missing – the assignment has not been completed by the due date and the teacher has flagged it as Missing.
Ungraded – the teacher has not yet entered a score for the assignment.
Due – the assignment is due within seven days.

Q. When I click on Assignments, how are they sorted?
A. Any missing assignments for any current class will float to the top of the list. After that, assignments are listed by the date they are due.
Q. Can I get more detail on an assignment?
A. Yes, tap the assignment. The name, when it was assigned, the assignment description as well as the possible points and (if graded) the score your student earned are listed.
Q. What is the difference between the attendance numbers listed on the main page and the attendance listed when I tap a course?
A. Attendance numbers on the main page are the student’s daily attendance (“Daily Attendance” is the attendance record for the day for your student). The attendance listed when you tap a class is the attendance for that class only.  If there is no attendance listed when you select a course, your school does not track class attendance.
Q. What information is accessible from Behavior?
A. These are the number of discipline infractions your student has been given to date. When you tap Behavior it will list the name of the infraction and the staff member (if any) who reported it. Note, if the school didn’t enter who reported the infraction then “No teacher assigned” will display.
Q. Can my students use Vision Family Mobile?
A. Yes! Students can use the Vision Family Mobile application, if they have a valid email address on file, and have been given the District ID.
Q. Can I email teachers from the app?
A. Maybe.  This is an optional feature of Vision Family Mobile. If the teacher has an email address on file with the school, and the school has configured this feature, an envelope icon will show in the course detail area.
Q. Can I contact the school via this app?
A. Yes, calling is available if the school has configured a phone number and the device supports calling.

Additional Information
 PLAY: CR Family Mobile Tech Byte This short video was produced with an older version of the application but the layout and navigation are unchanged.
Applies to VersionsFebruary 10, 2017 Release 1.0.0
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