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Compute and Store Averages

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TitleCompute and Store Averages

The following articles describes how to make the Compute and Store Average operation available in Teacher's Classroom Management.

Prior To Implementation

Confirm that you have admin-level access to Vision SIS.

  1. Log into Vision SIS.

  2. Go to Grade Book > Setup Functions > Set Marking Period Dates and confirm that the grade plan and marking period that you are trying to use is currently open and set to Final Grade Entry Only.

  3. Go to Grade Book > Setup Functions > Configure Averages – General Rules.

  4. Verify that Can teachers compute and post semester and final averages is set to Yes.

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  1. In this same editor, go to the Target Marking Periods tab. Select the marking period(s) that you want the teachers to calculate. Press the right arrow to move it over for averaging and save the configuration.

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  1. Go to Grade Book > Setup Functions > Configure Averages – Weighting. For each grade plan, select the marking periods the teachers will compute. Add a weight for each marking period that contributes to the average. If the weight is set to zero, it is not used to compute the average.

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  2. Have a teacher sign into Vision SIS.

  3. Go to Grade Book > Assign Grades > Final Grade Entry.

  4. Choose the marking period to average from the drop-down menu. The Compute and Store Average button is available.

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Additional Information

Please reference our KBA’s on Grade Averaging and Rounding Options and Configure Current Final Average and Grade Averaging - Term Weights if you have further questions on configuring grade averaging.

Additional KBAs are available at CR Knowledge Base.
Additional Tech Bytes are available at CR Tech Bytes.

Applies to VersionsVision SIS version 1.0
Key WordsCompute, Store, Average, Averaging, Grading, Vision SIS, Classroom management



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