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Configure Current Final Average and Grade Averaging - Term Weights

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TitleConfigure Current Final Average and Grade Averaging - Term Weights
SummaryThe following article is designed to walk the user through the basic steps involved in setting up the Current Final Average (CFA) and the Teacher Portal Grade Averaging option.

The following article is designed to walk the user through the basic steps involved in setting up the Current Final Average (CFA) and the Teacher Portal Grade Averaging option.

Prior To Implementation
You will need to possess sufficient knowledge about the following:
  1. Admin Portal Functions:
  1. Configure Grade Book
  2. Set Marking Period Dates
  1. MMS Generations (MMSGE) or the Staff Portal (SP):
  1. Valid Grades Table – MMSGE
  2. Grade Schemes/Grade Plans – MMSGE
  3. Course Catalog and Course Section Table – MMSGE and/or SP
  4. Failing/Missing grades Report
  1. Log into the Admin Portal.
  2. Go to Grade Book > Configure Averages – General Rules
User-added image

There are 5 items from which to select. As setup in the image above, teachers will see the Current Final Average (CFA) and be able to compute a semester or final average (options 1 and 4). The CFA for the Parent and Student Portals is off (option 2); term averages are rounded (option 3); and teachers cannot modify the term or exam weights used to compute an average (option 5). Select Save Configuration.

  1. Target Marking Periods Tab:

User-added image

The first option depicted in the previous screen shot is for selecting the marking period teachers can compute an average for. Final Average (FAV) is selected. FAV will contain a weighted average based upon the terms and/or exams.  The second option depicted is the term to use for the CFA. For a term or exam to show in either window it must have been set to Final Grade Entry (FGE) Only - FGE (those marking periods that get a grade only, no assignments). Select Save Configuration.

  1. Marking Periods to Use Tab:

User-added image

The terms and exams can be selected here. These are the grades to use when computing the FAV or that contribute to the CFA. The exams can be added even if an exam is not given in all courses. Further setup will adjust for courses missing exams. Save Configuration.

  1. Edit Grade (Averaging) Rules Tab:
User-added image

This section is divided up into two tabs: Numeric Grades and Letter Grades. This refers to the term grades actually given, NOT what will appear on the report cards or transcripts.
Numeric Grades:  In the setup above “Do Not Calculate if letter grade is present” is selected. For missing term grades “Do Not Calculate” is used along with the Missing/Failing Grades report.


User-added image

Letter Grades: There is a choice here to use the grade points from the valid grades list from the grade point level selected in the course catalog, or to use a selected level. This will allow for a 4.0 grade scale or a weighted scale as set in the course catalog.

Save Configuration.
  1. The remaining three tabs are optional: Exclude Courses; Special Grades; Special Conditions. They are more often used if letter grades are given, than for numeric grades, as numeric grades are generally setup to exclude alpha grade computations, and courses where alpha grades are given when numeric grades are more common.
Special conditions can be useful for both categories as computed averages between 0 and 49.99 can be stored as a 50, or a failing letter grade average can be stored as a F. The following images are examples of the next three tabs:
User-added image
User-added image

User-added image

User-added image

Save Configuration. 
  1. Set Term Weights for Grade Averaging Calculations:
In the Admin Portal, go to Grade Book > Configure Averages – Weighting:
User-added image
Select Grade Plan (as applied to course sections), YRP (yearlong courses)is being used in the example above. Select the marking period to setup term and exam weights.
The example above is typical for a year course. Missing exams grades will be redistributed to terms if the option to ignore missing exams was selected in #5 above.

Save Weights.
Additional Information
When the Marking Period for FAV opens in the Admin Portal Marking Period configuration, for the example above, teachers will have a Calculate Averages button available under Assign Grades, Final grade Entry, FAV.

See also, “MMS Generations – Computing Term and Semester Averages”.
Applies to VersionsMMS Portals – All Versions
Key WordsAdmin Portal, Configure Averaging; Computing Final Averages; Term weights, Compute Final Average.



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