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Grade Book - Final Grade Entry

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TitleGrade Book - Final Grade Entry
The following article is designed to walk the user through the process of entering the final grade for a term.  
Prior To Implementation


  1. In the Teacher Portal, go to Grade Book > Assign Grades > Final Grade Entry. Be sure that the correct class is selected in the filter.

  2.  Select the marking period to enter grades for.

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  1. Enter the grades.

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The following options are available:

  • Lock all Grades. This will lock all grades for the current class. If the Current Final Average is activated, the term grade will not change with the addition of new assignments when the grade is locked.Individual students’ grades can be locked.

  • Unlock All & Recalculate. This will unlock all grades and will recalculate the term grade. The recalculate depends on how the Grade Book and Term Averaging are setup and/or any assignment grades entered.

  • Show Previous Marking Periods. If there are any closed marking periods, they will be displayed.


Additional Information
Applies to VersionsMMS Portals: All Versions
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