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Graduation Requirements Report

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TitleGraduation Requirements Report

Use this job to produce the Graduation Requirements Report. The report lists students who do not meet graduation requirements, or students who are not on-track to meet these requirements based on their year of graduation. The report can be configured to list all students or only the students who are deficient in credits by department.

Prior To Implementation
Be a Vision SIS client.
Have staff-level access.
Graduation Requirements are defined through the Edit Graduation Requirements operation. Use the following link to configure Graduation Requirements: Edit Graduation Requirements
Are your credit calculations up-to-date? Before printing this report, compute course credits through the most recent marking period on which credits are based, e.g., if credits are assigned on a semester basis, compute credits for the most recently completed semester. If credits are assigned only on a yearly basis, then compute credits for the last school year in which final averages (or semester 2 averages) have been assigned.


Click HERE to access an article about how to navigate Vision, set favorites, and find help.
Use the menu and go to Grades > Reports > Graduation Requirements Report or use the search function found in the My Dashboard area.
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Report Options
  1. Report Title. Enter a user-defined report title.
  2. Base totals on:
  • The Credits Earned option considers ONLY courses in which a student has earned credit. Typically, students receive credit for the course after they have completed the course with a passing final average.
  • The Credits Earned + Enrolled option also includes the credit value of the courses in which students are currently enrolled and have not yet received a final grade. Credits enrolled is an estimation that awards students the full credit value of the courses in their schedule, regardless of the grades earned, if any.
  1. Count credits enrolled from.
  • Choose Current School Year if all courses in the preceding school year are complete and have received credit.
  • Choose Current + Preceding Year if there are partially complete courses in both the current year and in the preceding year. For example, if students have  recently registered for the current school year's courses, and the final term has yet to close for the prior school year. During this time, there are partially complete courses in both the current year and the preceding year.
  1. Report Type.
  • Department Summary. For each student, the report lists departments  the credit requirements, required credits earned, required credits enrolled, required credits needed, elective credits earned, elective credits enrolled, and credit totals. The enrolled credits will only print in this report if that option was selected in Step 2.
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  • Course Detail. The report lists all of the student's courses (for the range of school years covered by the report) sorted by department, and the grades achieved, required credits earned, elective credits earned, required credits enrolled, and elective credits enrolled.
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  • Summary + Course Detail. For each student, the report will include the two sections described above.
  1. Include department totals for course detail. This option is not available when the report type is set to Department Summary. Check this option to print the total credits earned for each department and the grand total of credits for each student. Depending on the option selected in step 2, the totals will include either Credits Earned, or Credits Earned + Enrolled.
  1. Print report for only students deficient in credits. Check this option to have the report include only students who do not meet one or more departmental requirements. Otherwise, the report includes all students selected through Student Range.
  1. Start a new page for each student. Check this option to start a new page for each student. When this report is made available to parents and students in the Family Portal’s Online Course Registration, a student sees only their information. This setting has no impact on the Family Portal.
  1. Failing grade leaves credits enrolled. Check this option to have the report include credits for courses with a failing grade in the enrolled total column. By default, this option is selected.
  1. Include transfer courses. When this option is selected, courses, grades, and credits entered through the Transfer Courses & Grades operation are included in this report.
School Years
  1. Select the ending school year for report calculations from the pick list. This defaults to the current school year.
  2. Select the years of graduation to include in the report.
  • Select the desired year of graduation.
  • Click the right-facing arrow button to move it to the Selected Year of Graduation list.
  • Repeat this process until all years of graduation are selected to include in the report.
  • To remove a selection, highlight the selection in the Selected Year of Graduation list and click the left-facing arrow.
Note: Based on the ending school year selected and the year of graduation for a student, only the appropriate grade levels are included in the report.
  1. If a year of graduation is missing, it indicates that no graduation requirements have been set up for that year of graduation.
Grade Fields
  1. The option to include a student’s course grades is available with the Course Detail report types. Select up to four grade fields to include in the report.
  1. Select the grades to print on the report.
    • To remove a selection, highlight the selection in the Selected grade fields list and click the left-facing arrow.
    • Repeat until all of the desired grade fields for this report are selected.
    • Click the right-facing arrow button to move it to the Selected grade fields list.
    • Highlight the grade.
Student Range. Select the students to include in the report. Click the following link for more information on using the features available in the Student Range.

Settings. To save the settings for future use, click Settings.
  • To share this report with students and parents during the Online Course Registration process, a least one setting of this report must be saved and available for the registration school year. It is not uncommon for a school to have a setting saved for each year of graduation. For more information on configuring online course registration, use the following link. Configuring Online Course Registration.
Print. The report opens in a new browser window. The first time you run this report, it may be blocked as a “pop-up.” Change the settings on the local computer to allow pop-ups from this website.
Additional Information

Additional KBAs are available at CR Knowledge Base.
Additional Tech Bytes are available at CR Tech Bytes.

Applies to VersionsVision SIS: Version 1.7 or later.
Key Wordsgraduation requirements report, online course registration, credits earned, required credits, elective credits, total credits



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