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How To Compute Career Credits

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TitleHow To Compute Career Credits
SummaryThis article is designed to walk the user through the steps involved in Calculating Career Credits.

This article is designed to walk the user through the steps involved in Calculating Career Credits.

Prior To Implementation
You must have the following set up before credits can be calculated.
  1. Courses set up in the course catalog with values in the credit fields.
  2. The Valid Grades List with grades indicated as being passing or failing.
  3. Access to edit the Course Catalog and Valid Grades List.
Course Credit calculations are computed in MMS Generations.
  1. Go to School Management Jobs >> Edit Course Catalog.
  2. In the Course Catalog you must set how many credits a course is worth. Courses can be worth partial credits. For example, a semester course may be worth 0.5 credits versus a yearlong course that is worth 1.0 credits.
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  1. Set up Credit Categories. Go to Grade Reporting Jobs >> More Grades Editing Jobs >> Edit Credit Categories. Credit Categories are the bins where the calculated credit information will be saved. Credit Categories could be set as Career Credits, Year to Date Credits, etc. You can have as many credit categories as you need. Since credits are calculated every year there is no need to make specific categories for each year such as Year to Date 14-15.

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  1. To add a category click the Add then type in the category code, click OK and type the description of the category. Do this as many times as needed until all the categories are created then click Save and Exit button to Save and Exit.
  2. Now we can compute course credits. Go to Grade Reporting Jobs >> Operations >> Compute Course Credits.
  3. Select the Credit Category to save the calculated credits to. The Credit Categories available are what have been created in Edit Credit Categories. The category description selected should indicate it is career credits.

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  1. Next, choose the Grade Point Value Group to use to base the failing and passing grades on. Sometimes schools have two categories. For example, one Grade Point Value Group used for the regular student population where 70 is the lowest passing grade, and another Grade Point Value Group used for the special education students where 65 is the lowest passing grade.  See Setting up Valid Grades Knowledge Base article for more information on Grade Point Value Groups.

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  1. Select if you want to include transfer courses in computing the course credits.
  2. Select to compute Career Credits. Once this is selected the Set up school years, summary records for career credits becomes available.

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  1. Click the Set up school years, summary records for career credits. Select the school years to compute the career credits from. Hold down the control (Ctrl) button to select multiple years.  The other option is to select previously calculated year to date credits from previous years.
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  1. Allow substitution when empty grade field(s) is found.  If Yes is selected, the Set up grade fields substitution sequence button is available.
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Select the grade substitutions to be used for empty grade fields. For example, semester grades could be used if the final average has not been calculated or is blank.  The substitution could be carried further.  If there is no mid-year average (MAV), it will substitute Q1 and Q2. If there is no second semester average (S2A), it will substitute Q3 and Q4.  To add new substitution fields click the Add.

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  1. Set the range of students to be processed.
  2. Process the credit calculation.
  3. It is recommended that the settings be saved for future calculations.
  4. Credits are now calculated and can be put on transcripts, report cards, etc.
Additional Information
See the following Knowledge Base Articles for additional information.

1. Setting up Valid Grades
2. Setup of Transfer Courses
Applies to VersionsMMS Generations - All versions
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