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How To Configure Scheduling Options in MMS Generations

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TitleHow To Configure Scheduling Options in MMS Generations
SummaryThe following article is designed to walk the user through the basic steps involved in configuring Scheduling options in MMS Generations.
The following article is designed to walk the user through the basic steps involved in configuring Scheduling options in MMS Generations.
Prior To Implementation
You will need sufficient user privileges to access the Database Configuration option under the Admin menu.
  1. Log into MMS Generations, open the database.  Go to the top menu, to Admin, Database Configuration.
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  1. This is where you set the days of the week; the number of characters for Course codes and Section codes; The name used for MMS study halls; the number of periods per day along with the Preference Label for the Periods; whether you want to use schedule rotation (which allows for period rotation per week); and finally the fairly new option to track entry and exit dates for courses in Scheduling.

Note:  Enabling Track Entry/Exits is a powerful tool especially in combination with the Online Grade Book's Teacher Portal.  The View Track entry and exits is found under Grades, Edit Student Grades.  Also under Scheduling, Edit Student Schedules.  Withdrawing a student from a course/section or replacing a course/section with a different one, if this option is used correctly it will automatically record entries and exits to a course/section, enable that withdrawn course to stay in the original course and in the Teacher's Grade Book.  Assignments and grades can still be looked up and possibly transferred to the new course/section.

This option may also be used to enhance the amount of data sent for state reporting.

  1. Days of the Week?

    1. Are you on a two day cycle, 5 day, 6 day or 10 day cycle?  This is where you choose. Select the number of days in your schedule, click into any day slot and type in the label for all your scheduled days.

    2. This will automatically apply to your calendar options, section days, days for attendance and other options.

  2. Number of Characters for Courses and sections?

    1. The default is 4 and 2, respectively.  The maximum is 9 and 4, respectively.

  3. Course Name Used for MMS Study Halls.

    1. When Study Hall prints on a Schedule, you have the choice here to define the label students see.

  4. How Many Periods Per day?

  1. Use the arrows to change the number of periods per day.  Then click on any period to set it.

  2. Period labels can be assigned. Period 0 (zero) for example.  Or for periods 4, 5, and 6  -  a label of 4a, 4b and 4c; Period 7 would become period 5, etc. You would need to select 10 periods per day for that scenario.

  1. Use Schedule Rotation?

    1. Yes or No; this option allows you to rotate periods assigned in the setup of the section table, on Schedules, rotating when they will meet during the week, if at all.

  2. Track Section Entry and Exit Dates?

    1. A fairly new option in the past several years. It was designed for use with the Teacher Portal and state reporting. If set to Yes, the date range must be reset the following year for it to continue to work.

    2. Set the date range to track entry and exit from course/sections.  This will be your current school year.

    3. Now when you're in Edit Student Schedules or Edit Student Grades and you "delete", or replace one course/section for another you will have the option to both withdraw a student, leaving the original course/section with a WG flag in Scheduling; select Save Date during the process and the date of exit or entry will be recorded. Teachers will be able to view withdrawn students after editing the Summary Filter options to show withdrawn students. They will appear with a double asterisk to the left of their name.

    4. This does not withdraw a student from Grade reporting. If Term grades are transferred from the original course, a withdrawal grade is still required for purposes of computing a correct GPA, Credits, Honor Roll not Class Rank. If the latter is a concern it is best to not use the Student Schedule Editor, but rather to use the Student Grade editor to replace course/sections. That way you can replace courses under the Scheduling tab, and quickly jump to the Grades tab to enter a W grade.

Additional Information
Prerequisite to Scheduling.
Applies to VersionsMMSGE/MMSGB all versions
Key WordsConfiguring Scheduling; Periods per day; Days per week; Track Entry/exits; Withdrawn Students in the Teach Portal.



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