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How To Create A Calendar

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TitleHow To Create A Calendar

The following article is designed to walk the user through the basic steps involved in Creating a Calendar in Vision SIS. Following the conclusion of this article the user will have the basic materials available to set up a calendar, which is required to take attendance and is used in discipline as well.

Prior To Implementation
Be a Vision SIS client.
Have staff-level access.

Have a copy of the school calendar available to know which dates for the coming school year are holidays, teacher workshop days, and vacation days.




Click HERE to access an article about how to navigate Vision, set favorites, and find help.
Use the menu and go to Attendance > Editing > Calendars or use the search function found in the My Dashboard area.

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1. Calendar Id Code Editor. Calendar codes roll forward from school year to school year. The system is designed to reuse calendar codes.

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  1. Add Calendar

  2. Enter the Code (limit 3 characters). The system enters a default code of "Cnn." In the example presented, the default code is C01.

  3. Enter the calendar Description. The system enters a default description of "Calendar Description."

  4. If applicable, select checkbox for Default Calendar

  5. Repeat for additional calendars.

  6. Close.

2.  Edit Calendar. Click the blue pencil to edit a calendar. The following window opens.
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  1. Set Up Calendar tab.

  • Enter the Starting Date and Ending Date for the school year.

  • Adjust # of units per School Day as needed (this is most often "1.00")

  • AVTS Code. This option is only available to schools in Pennsylvanian. 

  • Select the check boxes for Days of Week to include in School Year.

  • Apply.

b.  Assign Schedule Days tab.

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  • Enter Starting Date.

  • Select Starting Day.

  • Enter Ending Date.

  • Apply.

c.  Edit Calendar Days tab.

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  • Select the month to edit.

  • Click the blue pencil on the date to adjust session day.

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  • Adjust # of units. Typically, this would be changing the units to "0.00" for non-school days.

  • Verify Schedule day for the selected date.

  • Enter a Day description to display on the calendar. Each line has a maximum of ten characters.

  • Enter an optional Note with additional details.

  • Save.

  • Repeat for each non-session day and half days (e.g. holidays, vacations, teacher workshops, winter break). In the case of a multi-day vacation, set each day to 0.00 units.

 3. Save and Close the calendar.

Additional Information
Applies to VersionsVision SIS Version 1.0 or later
Key WordsAttendance, Calendar



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