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How To Reset Parent Portal Login

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TitleHow To Reset Parent Portal Login
SummaryThis will allow you to reset a Parent Login for the Parent Portal.
This will allow you to reset a Parent Login for the Parent Portal.
Prior To Implementation
Verify that you have access to the Administrator Portal.
1.  Log into the MMS Administrator Portal
2.  Site Admin Menu

                    a.  Reset Parent Login (for Parent Portal)
                    b.  Search for the parent you want to reset by typing the last name in the search textbox and clicking the “Search” button or selecting a
                          letter link that represents the parent’s last name.
                    c.  Click on the checkbox to select the parent(s) you want to reset. NOTE that if a parent has multiple children, they appear multiple times
                         in the grid, once for each child. If you wish to Reset the parent login and multiple children are present, you must reset each of the parent
                         records in the grid.
                    d.  Click on the “Reset” button for an individual parent, or alternatively, if you are doing a reset for multiple parents, click on the “Reset 
                         Selected” button.

                    e.  You will receive a message “Are you sure you want to Reset the selected accounts?” Click “Ok” to confirm.
3.  What a Parent Must do after their Login is Reset

                    a. The parent must select the “Click here to create a new account” link available on the MMS Parent Portal Login page.

                    b.  The parent must specify a username which can either be the same username or a new username.

                    c.  The parent will be asked to verify their child’s ID Number and their own First and Last Name exactly as recorded in the MMS Contact 
                         page in the MMS Student Biographical Editor.

                    d.  The parent is then sent a temporary password to their email address as stored in the MMS Contact page.

                    e.  After the parent logs in with the temporary password, they are required to specify a permanent password.

                     f.  The parent may then use their specified username and password for all subsequent logins to the Parent Portal. NOTE that if the student
                          had any student accounts created, they must recreate them.

Additional Information
Applies to VersionsMMS Parent Portal
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