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How To Setup Directory Service Validation (LDAP)

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TitleHow To Setup Directory Service Validation (LDAP)

The following article is designed to walk the user through the basic steps involved in setting up Directory Service Validation (DSV). It is also called LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) which is a broader term used to describe allocating password services. This KBA focuses primarily on MS's Active Directory. Novell's eDirectory is similar.
It permits schools to assign passwords based on those stored in Microsoft’s Active Directory. It can be applied to MMS Generations Staff, Teachers and Students. You have your choice which group(s) to enable.
Parents are not added to a school’s MS Active Directory, so DSV/LDAP is not used for assigning passwords to parents.

Prior To Implementation
  • Generally your IT/Technical staff will maintain MS Active Directory.

  • An MMS Administrator will setup DSV/LDAP in the Admin Portal.

  • The following will assist the MMS Administrator in doing this.

  1. Log into the Admin Portal as Administrator.

  • Site Admin > Initial Setup Values > Directory Service Validation

  • Select either Microsoft Active Directory for Windows servers or Novell eDirectory for Novell servers.

User-added image
  1. Based on your choice of Directory Service in Step 1, this will launch the configuration page (see image below).

User-added image

  1. Enter the following:

  • Server Name: This is the path to the server for MS Active Directory.

  • User Types to Validate: Choices include checkboxes for Staff, Teachers and Students. Consultation between your IT department and MMS Administrator is required to determine which options to select, if any.

  • Domain Name: Optional. If required. Consult your IT department regarding whether a Domain is required.

  • Select Active Directory Field that holds MMS Student ID Number: This identifies the field in MS Active Directory or Novell eDirectory that holds the student Id number. There are 4 choices: Login Name, Description, Office or Employee-ID. Consultation between your IT department and the MMS administrator may be required.

  • Staff and Teachers default to their MMS Login username which is the same as their network login account. Their network login will be the default username in Active Directory or eDirectory.

  • Use SSL protocol: Optional. If required contact your IT department to find out whether SSL is required.

  1. Click Submit Directory Service Setup to apply the settings selected. 

  2. Verify user account/password authentication (optional; see image below):

User-added image

Additional Information


Applies to VersionsMMS Generations/MMS Web Portals: All Versions.
Key WordsLDAP; User Accounts; Site Admin > Initial Setup Values > Directory Service Validation Information; Using MS Active Directory to assign passwords; Novell eDirectory.



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