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How to Compute Honor Roll - CR Portal

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TitleHow to Compute Honor Roll - CR Portal
SummaryMMS Online Clients: this article is designed to walk the user through the steps involved in calculating honor roll.
Prior To Implementation

Be an MMS Online Client.
Requires administrative/staff access to the Single Sign-On (SSO) page for MMS Portals and Grades.
Setup various fields and tables in your database.  Refer to the following article: How to Honor Roll Setup.



  1. Log in to MMS through the SSO page.
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  1. Click on Grades > Compute Honor Roll. 

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  1. Select Honor Roll levels to calculate.  Verify that the honor roll levels are in the correct order. The highest level of honor roll should be placed at the top of the list. The second level of honor roll should be the second and so on. This ensures that honor roll is computed in the correct order. When calculating honor roll, all levels should be selected as appropriate for the students selected (High Honors, Honor, etc.). This ensures the student will be placed in the correct level.

  2. Select the grade field(s) to include in the honor roll calculation. Typically, honor roll levels are computed for a single term at a time such as Term 1 or Quarter 1. However, the Compute Honor Roll operation is also designed to accommodate schools that run courses meeting in varying term patterns concurrently:

  • Example 1: The school runs both four quarter and six term classes, and at the end of Quarter 1, the school wants to compute Honor Roll based on either Quarter 1 and/or Term 1.

  • Example 2: The school may want Honor Roll based on both Term 1 and Mini-Term 1 at once. In these situations, you would select multiple grade fields.

  1. Select grade field to use in storing honor roll. Typically, you will have a separate Honor Roll calculation for each marking term (T1, T2, T3, etc.). If multiple grade fields are selected, as stated in the examples in Step 2, the honor roll level can only be stored in one grade field at a time. The operation can be run a second time, selecting the second term to use in storing the honor roll.

  2. Include transfer courses. Check this box to include grades entered through the Transfer Courses and Grades for the current year. This operation is found in the Staff Portal in the Grades menu.

  3. Set the range of students to be processed. By default, all students are selected. The students available in this list are based on the Student Filter. The selection of students can be further reduced by using the filters in the Student Range area pictured below.
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Click OK to return to the main setup area. The number of students selected is displayed:

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  1. Check the Email Log File box to access the Compute Honor Roll Log. Once checked, a field is made available in which you can enter the email address where the log will be sent.

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The log displays the detailed results of the grade point average (GPA) calculation, including credit totals and the calculated GPA for each student. A separate log is generated for each honor roll level processed. The log is a tab-delimited text file that is best viewed as a spreadsheet using a program such as Microsoft Excel. 
The log results are easiest to follow when working with a single student at a time. Select one student only, using Student Range. Compute the honor roll levels and a log for each honor roll level will be emailed to you. Verify the student's courses, credits and GPA using the log. Pictured below is an example of the log.

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Verify the student's courses, using the log. MMS will ONLY count courses which have Yes for Include in HR. The log includes an Include column which can be used to verify courses that count towards Honor Roll have Yes selected.

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!!! Important !!! If a course DOES NOT have Yes selected and should count toward Honor Roll, correct the problem in the course catalog. In the Staff Portal, go to Manage > Edit Course Catalog. Locate the course and select Yes for Include in HR as pictured above. Save.
MMS will ONLY count courses which have an associated grade plan. This operation calculates its own GPA separate from any previous GPAs calculated in other operations.

  1. Compute.

  2. Immediately on completion, the following window opens, displaying students that attained honor roll.

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To sort the list, drag the column header to sort, into the sort area (in the red box pictured above). Pictured below, the report is sorted by year of graduation (descending), level achieved (ascending) and student name (ascending). To change the sort order from ascending to descending, click on the column header in the sort area.

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The report can be exported as a PDF or Excel file.

  1. Honor roll levels are now calculated and can be included in report cards and transcripts.

Additional Information

Additional KBAs are available at CR Knowledge Base.
Additional Tech Bytes are available at CR Tech Bytes.

Applies to VersionsCR Portals – Version 1.2; MMS Generations: 14.2.15.
Key WordsHonor Roll, Calculating honor roll, Compute honor roll Log



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