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How to Configure Rooms

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TitleHow to Configure Rooms

Vision SIS Clients: this article is designed to walk the user through managing the rooms table in the Vision SIS database.

Prior To Implementation

Be a Vision SIS Client.
Requires staff-level access.

The Configure Rooms operation is used to edit the list of rooms that is available throughout the database. The rooms that are entered through this operation are accessible to the:

  • Student Biographical System - Through the Homeroom field of the Student Biographical Editor.

  • Class Attendance System - The room is displayed in various Class Attendance reports.

  • Student Scheduling System - Through the Edit Sections operation, Edit Teachers (teacher constraints), Configure Rooms (room constraints), Automated Schedule Builder (ASB), and various scheduling reports.

  • Discipline Monitoring System - Use to track the location in which students' infractions occur. The room is used when recording student infractions and in various discipline reports.



  1. Click HERE to access an article about how to navigate Vision, set favorites, and find help.

  1. Go to School Configuration > Editing > Rooms.

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  1. +Add a Room. Click this button to add a room. The following window opens:

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  1. Name is a required field. The room name can comprise of letters and/or numbers, for a maximum of 6 characters. Spaces and special characters are not permitted.

  2. Description is optional. A description may be entered for the room. For example, room 101 may have a description of “Mr. Libbey” or “Computer Lab”.

  3. Omit from Scheduling. Check this box if the Automated Schedule Builder (ASB) should NOT use this room to schedule a course section in. Because discipline also uses the room table, there may be some rooms created specifically for discipline, for example, HALL (hallway), PARK (parking lot), etc.

  4. Save. The room is added to the list of valid rooms.

  5. To edit an existing room, click on the room to select and the Room, Description and Omit from Scheduling fields can be edited. Click Save Room to save changes.

  6. To delete an existing room, click on the room to select and click Delete Room. If the room is used elsewhere in the database, it cannot be deleted. A message similar to the one below is displayed.

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  1. To add room constraints which are ONLY used in conjunction with the Automated Schedule Builder (ASB), click Add Room Constraints. The following area displays.

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  1. Maximum number of seats. Enter the maximum number of seats in the room. If left at zero, seating is unlimited.

    Something to consider: if the maximum is set to a specific number, for example 20, the Automated Schedule Builder will not schedule a section in that room if the max number of students for a section exceeds the room seats.

  1. Room may be used by the following departments (max 4). This area will limit the room to be scheduled only for courses that are from the department(s) selected. Click in the Select departments area to view the departments list. Highlight a department to add it to the selected department constraints. See below. To apply the department constraints to the corresponding courses, click Set all department course to may teach.

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  1. Room may be used or must be used to teach the following courses limits which course should be scheduled into a specific room. These options can be used separately or in conjunction. An example of why course constraints would be placed on a room could be how the room is setup, like a science classroom with sinks and lab equipment or an art classroom with a kiln and easels.

The list of courses can be filtered by course Code, course Description or Limit (Must Teach, May Teach). To set the course constraints, use the pick list in the Limit column (see below) to determine if the room must be or may be scheduled into the selected room.

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  1. Times when room is unavailable. Use the +Add button to add periods of time that the room should not be considered for scheduling. For each block of time added, specify the Term, Start Period, Number of Periods and the schedule Days the room is not available. Click Update to save changes. In the example pictured below the room is not available during period 8 on schedule days MTWRF during semester 1. If there had been a 2 in the Number of Periods column, the room would not have been available during periods 8 and 9 on schedule days MTWRF during semester 1.

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  1. Save Room.

Additional Information

Additional KBAs are available at CR Knowledge Base.
Additional Tech Bytes are available at CR Tech Bytes.

Applies to VersionsVision SIS - Version 1.0 or later
Key WordsSchool operations, configure rooms, add, delete, constraints, room



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