How to Create a Parent Portal Account

How to Create a Parent Portal Account
Welcome to Family Engagement! This document is designed to walk a parent or guardian through the steps involved to create an account for the Family Portal website and how to add other students to the account.
To create an account, you will need the following information from the school: your first and last names as entered into the school’s database, an email address on file with the school and your student’s ID number.
  1. Using the web site provided by your school, go to the Family Portal log in page:

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    The following window opens.
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  2. All fields except Cell Phone and Provider are required.
    First Name. As provided by the school.  This must match your first name as entered in the school’s database.
    Last Name. As provided by the school.  This must match your last name as entered in the school’s database.
    User Name. Enter any user name you wish. Verification is done by the system to ensure that the user name entered is unique.
    Student ID. As provided by the school.  This must match the ID number for your student in the school’s database.
    Email. As provided by the school.  This must match your email address as entered in the school’s database. When the account is created, an email will be sent to this account.
    Cell Phone and Provider. These are optional fields. If both a cell phone number and provider are entered and they can be validated, an account creation text will be sent to this number as well as to the supplied email address.
    Check your email or if you provided the optional information to receive a text, check your cell phone. You will receive a message similar to the following:

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  1. Click the link provided to be brought to the following area.

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  1. Enter your new password and confirm the password. Your school sets the requirements for a valid password.
    Save. The login screen is displayed and you are ready to login with your new account.
    For more information on the Family Engagement (also known as the CR Family Portal) website, please refer to the following:
              Welcome to the CR Family Portal
              Video on the CR Family Portal


  2. If you need to add another student to this account, go to the More menu and select Students. The following window opens. Listed here are the students associated with your account. In the example pictured below, this parent has four student in two different schools.

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  1. Click Associate Student to add another student. Enter the ID number provided by the school. Click the blue button. The system will verify that your information (first name, last name, and email address) is associated with the ID number entered. If the verification fails, contact the school.

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How to Add Another Student to the Parent Portal Account
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