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How to clear out Class Rank field.

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TitleHow to clear out Class Rank field.

The following article is designed to walk the user through the process of clearing out the Class Rank field for all students.

Prior To Implementation

Launch Generations and open the database.

  1. In Generations, go to Grade Reporting Jobs > More Grades Reports > Class Rank Report

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  1. Select the GPA that the Class Rank you want to clear out was based on.  It does not matter the order you select.  Select the Class rank year of graduation option that applies to your needs.

  2. Click Output Option.
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  1. Select the Output Type as Excel file (XLS).  Do not check the box to open the file in Excel.

  2. In the Drive/path where output file will be stored area, click on the ellipsis […] and navigate to a folder that you have access to on your local computer.  If the default location is used, it will save to the work folder on the server which Generations is installed. Schools do not have access to the server.

  3. OK.

  4. Print.

  5. The following message will display:

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  1. OK.

  2. Open the Excel file.

  3. There are 18 columns in the spreadsheet.  To simplify importing the class rank field back into Generations, you are going to delete the unnecessary columns.  You only need 3 fields: ID_NUMBER, GPA1_RANK, GPDCODE.

  4. Now the spreadsheet should look like this:
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  1. Copy 0 (zero) down the GPA1_RANK column.  The GPD_CODE field is actually a combined field of the code and description.  We need to edit the file to only contain the GPA code.  Save the Excel file.  Now you are ready to import the rank fields back into Vision SIS.

  2. The edited spreadsheet should look like this now:

User-added image
  1. In Generations, go to School management Jobs > Operations > Import Data Into MMS.

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  1. On the File Setup tab, use the following settings (pictured in the screenshot above): file type is Microsoft Excel, operation mode will be to Update existing records and in the select area, navigate to the folder which holds the edited Excel file by clicking on the ellipsis […].

  2. Click on the Field Setup tab.  The screen shot below shows the settings to use:  Destination Table: Student GPA Table; Number of fields to define: 3; FLD001 use type Character, Length of 16, destination field of ID_NUMBER and check the Unique Field box; FLD002 use type numeric, Length of 6, destination field of GPD1_RANK and do not check the Unique Field box; FLD003 use type Character, Length of 3, destination field of GPD_CODE and check the Unique Field box.

User-added image
  1. It is important to use these exact settings listed in the prior step.  Once set, click on the binoculars to preview the data to be imported in.  It should look like this:

User-added image
  1. Click either Process or User-added image  to process the import.

  2. If you selected the View button, the follow window will open:

User-added image
  1. In this example, I left the first line of the Excel sheet which contained the column names.  The import operation skipped this record.

  2. Save the settings for future use.

  3. Now the students’ Class Rank have been removed.
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Additional Information

Additional KBAs are available at CR Knowledge Base.
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Applies to VersionsGenerations: All Versions.
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