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Implementing CR Family Mobile for your organization / frequently asked implementation questions.

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TitleImplementing CR Family Mobile for your organization / frequently asked implementation questions.
SummaryThe following article is designed to walk the user through the basic steps involved in setting up CR Family Mobile for your organization.

The following article is designed to walk the user through the basic steps involved in setting up CR Family Mobile for your organization.

Prior To Implementation
  1. Parents need to have a valid parent portal account to utilize the mobile application.
  2. In order to create a parent portal account, parents will need to have the following set up in MMS:
    1. In the student contact record:
      1. A Valid First and Last Name
      2. A Valid Email Address ending with .org etc.
      3. Send Email Flag “Y”
  3. For information on creating parent portal accounts click here.
  4. When signing up for a parent portal account the parent will need the following information:
    1. First Name on File (Case sensitive)
    2. Last Name on File (Case sensitive)
    3. Student ID Number
  5. Prior to implementation, you will need a District ID. Please email a request to to schedule an implementations call.
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Enabling the Mobile Application                                                       

  1. Log into your MMS Online admin portal.

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  1. From the admin portal menu, select Site Admin>Manage Parent Portal/Accounts

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  1. Here you will see the field to enter the Mobile District ID as well as Enable Mobile Access for Students.

    1. Enable mobile access for students, enables the notification icon to display District ID in the student portal (see below).

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  1. NOTE to Admin: Once you enter the Mobile District ID, a notification Icon will appear in the parent portal with the District ID, parent email address and a link for more information.

    1. Clicking outside of the field saves the data entered and enables the

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    2. icon.

Managing Parent Access for the Portals & CR Family Mobile              

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CR Family Mobile accounts can be managed from Admin Portal > Site Admin > Manage Parent Portal/Accounts.

  1. Search for the parent you wish to manage (Purple).

  2. To reset the entire parent account, click Password “Reset” (Green).

    1. Please note the parent will have to go through the “create a new account” steps again if this option is selected

  3. To set the password to a specific temporary password, click “Set Password” (orange).

  4. To lock the parent out of the portal as well as the mobile account, check “Account Locked?” (Red).

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Mobile Application Features & Operation                                                               
  1. Download the CR Family Mobile Application.
    1. Links to the Apple App Store & Google Play versions can be found here.
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  1. Login with:

    1. Email - The contact email address for the contact in MMS. Also displayed in the notification in the parent portal.

    2. Password – The parent portal password associated with the parent’s account.

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  1. District ID – Displayed in the notification in the parent portal.

  1. The CR Family mobile application displays the following information to the parent:

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  1. Have a staff member who is also a parent access the mobile application for testing without entering the District ID into the admin portal. Alternatively you can use a test account. 

  2. Use the staff portal mail merge to notify parents about the mobile application. Be sure to include their first and last name, student ID, email address, District ID and links to the knowledge article on creating parent portal accounts as well as the link for the CR Family Mobile Application video. Let parents know that the parent portal username is not used in the mobile app.

Additional Information

In the event that Mobile Application support is needed, please contact
For parent portal account creation click here.
To see the CR Family Mobile video on application functions, click here.
The CR Family Mobile application can be downloaded for Android and Apple devices here.
For staff portal mail merge information, click here.
Additional KBAs are available at CR Knowledge Base.

Applies to VersionsCR Family is only available to MMS Online Clients.
MMS Portals 4.6.0 and higher.
Key WordsCR Family> Mobile> Application> Portal> Admin> Parent> App> Implementation> Student> FAQ> Recommended.



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