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Manage Skills Report Cards

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TitleManage Skills Report Cards

Use the Manage Skills Report Card operation to upload Word-based skills report cards into Vision SIS and download copies of the Word documents to your local computer.

Prior To Implementation

Be a Vision SIS client.
Have staff level access.
Have completed the Word-based custom skills report cards. For more information on implementing skills or standards based grading, use the following link:
Implementing Skills or Standards Based Grading.
Prior to printing Word-based skills report cards, a report card project must be assigned to students. Use this link for more information: Assign Report Card Project - Skills.


Click HERE to access an article about how to navigate Vision, set favorites, and find help.
Use the menu and go to Grades > Configuration > Manage Skills Report Cards or use the search function found in the My Dashboard area.
The following window opens:

User-added image

  1. To upload either a new skills report card or modifications to an existing skills report card, click Select files.

  2. Navigate to the Word document on your local computer. Select the report card(s) to be uploaded. Click Open.

User-added image

  1. Review the files selected. If the file already exists in the system, it will be replaced with the file being uploaded. If the file being uploaded is new, the Word document should be already associated with the Report Card Project. This is done in Generations > Skills > More Skill Grades Editing Jobs > Edit Report Card Field Selections.

  2. Click Clear to deselect the file(s).

  3. Click Upload to copy the file(s) to the appropriate file in the Vision SIS database so that report cards can be generated for students associated with that specific report card.

  4. A message, similar to the one pictured below, displays.

 User-added image

  1. Use the Download files from the system list to download a copy of the Word document to your local computer. This is useful when changes need to be made to the report card document, but you don’t have the file on your computer. Click the document to download. Depending on the browser used and how it is configured, will determine where on the computer the file is saved.

  2. Use the Refresh button below the list of report card files in the system to update the list of files.



Additional Information

Additional KBAs are available at CR Knowledge Base.
Additional Tech Bytes are available at CR Tech Bytes.

Applies to VersionsVision SIS: Version 1.7.0 or later.
Key WordsSkills report cards, Skills, Standards, upload, download



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