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Implementing Skills or Standards Based Grading

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TitleImplementing Skills or Standards Based Grading
SummaryThe following article is designed to walk the user through the basic steps involved in configuring Skills or Standards Based Grading in Vision SIS.
Prior To Implementation

Enable Skills Grading in Generations > Admin menu > Database Configuration > Grades tab. This activates your Skills Job menu.

  1. In Generations > More Skills Editing Jobs > Setup Marking Periods.

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  1. Generations > More Skills Editing Jobs > Edit Valid Grades for Skill Groups

  1. Add a Grade Group.

  2. Edit/Create grades in group.

  3. An optional default grade can be set for the group.  Generally this is a grade that is set to blank.

  4. Repeat for additional groups and grades.


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  1. In Vision SIS: Grades > Editing > Skill Groups and Skills.
  1. Click here for more information on how to enter or import skills or standards.

  2. In Vision SIS: Grades > Configuration > Assign Skills Groups to Courses. Here is where you assign the skill group(s) created in the previous step. Note: you can assign the same skill group to multiple courses, however you should not assign the same skill group to multiple courses the same student(s) may be taking.

  3. Adding/editing regular sections found in Vision SIS School Configuration > Editing > Course Sections.

  4. Create the report card project – see Knowledge Base Article: Skills – How to Create Field Selection List. This step is optional. The default report card available in Vision SIS can be configured to include Skills or Standards.

  5. Build the report card document using Microsoft Word.  This is a mail merge document that uses the text file created in the previous step as the data source for the merged fields.

  6.  Assign report cards to students – see Knowledge Base Article: How to Add or Delete a Report Card from a Student. This step is required only if a custom Word based report card was created.

  7. Enter skills grades.  Skills grade are entered in either by the teacher or a staff member in Vision SIS.  For someone with teacher level access, go to Grades > Editing > View/Enter My Skills Grades – by Student  and  by Grid.  If the teacher is using the Teacher Grade Book and is including skills with assignments, skills grades can be entered through that venue.  For someone with staff level access, go to Grades > Editing > View/Enter Skills Grades.  Select the student to enter skills grades, click the View/Edit button and then select the course.

  8. Print report cards.  This can be done by teachers or by a staff user in Vision SIS. For teachers, go to Reports > Grades > Skills Report Cards.  This allows for the printing of individual skills report card for one student to be printed/viewed or to batch print all skills report cards for the students in the selected class. For staff level access users, go to Grades > Reports > Skills Report Cards - by Group or Grades > Reports > Skills Report Cards - Individual.


Additional Information
Applies to VersionsVision SIS versions 1.0.0 and later; Generations versions 08.3 and later
Key Wordsimplementing Skills, standards, competencies, skills grades



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