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Classroom Management - Copy Assignments

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TitleClassroom Management - Copy Assignments

The following article is designed to walk the user through the basic steps involved in Copying Assignments between terms/years within the teacher's Classroom Management.

Prior To Implementation

Log into Vision SIS.

  1. Grade Book > Operations > Copy Assignments from Another Year or Term

  2. Source Selections Tab

  1. Select the School Year
  2. Select the class to copy assignments from.
  3. Select the Marking Period
  4. Click Next.
  1. Target Selections Tab

  1. Select the Class(es) to copy assignments to
  2. Select the marking period
  3. Click Next
  1. Assignment Selections Tab

  1. Select the assignments to copy
  2. Can include attachments/standards linked to original assignments
  3. Roll Assigned/Due Dates forward (“x" days) if you choose
  4. Click Next
  1. Review/Cleanup/Copy Tab

  1. Review assignments you are going to move over.
  2. Choose if you want to overwrite assignments already existing with the same name and due date.
  3. Click Copy Assignments, then OK.
  1. Note: Under the category option, you want to make sure the options match with the assignments being brought over. If it says No Match Found, you need to go back and create the matching categories for the class.

  1. Check over status report, make sure the number of assignments copied over matches what you selected.

  2. Go into My Summary Grid and view assignments that moved over.

Additional Information

Applies to VersionsVision SIS: All Versions
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