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Classroom Management - Transfer Assignment Grades

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TitleClassroom Management - Transfer Assignment Grades

The following article is designed to walk the user through the basic steps involved in Transferring Assignment grades in the Teacher's Classroom Management.

Prior To Implementation

Log into Vision SIS. Student must be withdrawn from the original class and then enrolled in the current class.

  1. Grade Book > Operations > Transfer Assignment Grades

  2. Select Classes/Students Tab

  1. Choose the marking period
  2. Select the original class in the first table.
  3. Select the current class in the second table. The Current Class must be different from the original.
  4. Click Next
  5. Select the student(s) that have been withdrawn/dropped from the original class
  6. Click Next
  1. Setup Assignments Tab

  1. Link the Assignments by adding the Assignment # from the Original Class to the Assignment in the Current Class. Make sure the numbers for the assignments in both classes match up.
  2. Click Transfer Grades.
  1. Click OK in the Completion Window.

  2. Grade Book > My Summary Grid

  1. Choose the class that the assignment grades were transferred to.
  2. Search for the student.
  3. Confirm information was transferred over and is correct.
Additional Information


Applies to VersionsVision SIS: All Versions
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