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Admin Portal: Manage Parent Portal/Accounts: Set Password (Version 4.6)

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Source: CRLLCCR Professional Development
Prior to Implementation

The Admin Portal’s Manage Parent Portal/Accounts is only available in MMS Portals version 4.6 or later. To access the Manage Parent Portal/Accounts function, a user must have access to the MMS Admin Portal and menu privileges for this function.


Log into the Admin Portal and go to Site Admin > Admin Functions > Manage Parent Portal/Accounts.

User-added image

Pictured below is the updated Manage Parent Portal/Accounts function.

User-added image

With the changes introduced with the 2016 Winter Release, schools now have new options for managing parent portal accounts.

  1. If a contact forgets their user name, this information is now displayed in this operation (see above outlined in green).

  2. If a contact forgets their password, the school has the option to set the password to a default by using the Set Password buttons.  This option will set the password for the contact, using the following format: last name + first initial.  For example, if the parent in the example above has her password set by the school, her temporary password will be AbbiaticiR.  Remember, passwords are case sensitive! 

    1. Note: The password generated will use the case as entered in MMS.

  3. If setting the password for an individual account, a message similar to the following will display:

User-added image

  1. Click OK to set the password.

  2. In addition to setting the password for individual accounts, you have the option to set the passwords for multiple accounts at once by checking the box in the first column for all accounts to be reset and using the Set Passwords button found above the grid (pictured below).

User-added image

  1. When a contact logs into the Parent Portal with the reset password, they will be immediately prompted to change their password.

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  1. For additional information on the Manage Parent Portal/Account function, refer to MMS Help.

Additional Information

Additional KBAs are available at CR Knowledge Base.
Additional Tech Bytes are available at CR Tech Bytes.

Applies to VersionMMS Admin Portal 4.6 (Winter Release, December 2016)
KeywordsAdmin portal, parent portal accounts, reset password, can’t remember password, Winter Release 2016, version 4.6



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