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CR Portals – Users & Roles - Manage Individual Users Overview

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Source: CRLLCCR Technical Support
Prior to Implementation

Have Administrative access to the CR Portals and Users & Roles.
Be an MMS Online Client.


The purpose of this article is to provide an overview of each operation in Manage Individual Users with access to other articles that provide more detail information.
Log in to CR Portals.
Click on the Users & Roles > Manage Individual Users.

User-added image

All areas tie in together that makes navigation easy. Instead of coming back out to this main screen, navigation options are available within each area.
Return to the Home page by clicking on User-added image in the upper left hand corner of the screen.
Find a User
Used to locate a user account to edit/view. Use school year, school, display name, last and/or first name to filter the selections to find an account. Clicking on Select will populate the different areas listed below with the user’s information that can then be edited. For more information click here.
Edit User Information
Edit the demographic data for each user account. This includes their name, address, phone, and email information. User accounts can also include degree and certificate information for better tracking of teacher and staff qualifications. For more information click here.

Edit School Information
Based on the user selected, edit the school information for that person. Information here includes state ID, hire date, display name, and local id number (SIS ID) along with designating a teacher as highly qualified. Add or modify which schools the staff/teacher is currently assigned. Home room, home school, and whether the staff is non-instructional can also be managed along with a staff note. For more information click here.

Edit Teacher Constraints
Set up the teacher constraints for scheduling. This information is only used with the Automated Schedule Builder (ASB). Determine the number of courses and/or sections they may teach in the course of a week, the room to assign with this teacher, the courses they may teach and when they are not to be scheduled.  For more information click here.

Edit Account Settings
Set up the account information for logging in to MMS. Enter in a user name, password, and if desired, a password expiration date. From this area, locking the account is also possible. 
New to this release: an option to Set Temporary Password. By selecting this option, a default password is assigned with the current date as the expiration date; when the user logs in they will be prompted to change their temporary password (in accordance with any password security set up by the system administrator). For more information click here.
Edit User Defined Fields
Set up additional student biographical and contact information that is available to this user when in the Student Profile. Up to 12 groups (tabs) can be added with up to 20 fields displayed per group. This can be set up for multiple users at a time in another area within the CR Portals. For more information click here.
Edit Roles And Permissions
Use this area to assign school access, read/write or read only access, and choose the type of account(s). There are three toggle switches to indicate account type: Staff, Teacher, and Admin. Toggle the selection ON to enable corresponding permissions set up for the selected user type. In order to enable the Admin tile, Staff needs to be turned on first. For more information click here.
Add a User
Opens a new window to add a new user. Initial information to be entered is first & last name, display name, school year and working school. Once entered and saved, the User Information area is opened. For more information click here.

Additional Information

Additional KBAs are available at CR Knowledge Base.
Additional Tech Bytes are available at CR Tech Bytes.

Applies to VersionCR Portals – Version 1.1
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