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How to View a Teacher’s Grade Book

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Source: CRLLCCR Professional Development
Prior to Implementation

Requires administrative/staff access to Vision SIS.

  1. Click HERE to access an article about how to navigate Vision, set favorites, and find help.

  2. Use the menu and go to Grade Book > Select a Teacher or use the search function found in the My Dashboard area (pictured below). In the Search menu items area enter select a teacher. Select Select a Teacher from the search results. Click GO.

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  1. The following window opens.

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  1. Select a Filter, the School Code, and School Year. See the red outlined box in the previous graphic.

  2. Select the teacher to work with. The browser is refreshed and the following information is displayed.

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  1. Using the side menu or the search function, the following information (outlined in the red box) is now accessible for the currently selected teacher.
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  1. If you try to access any of the Grade Book menu items without having first selected a teacher, the following will happen.
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  1. Select a teacher. The screen refreshes and the feature displays as pictured:
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  1. The grade book's course Summary is a grid listing the students, assignment scores, and marking period averages. Below is an abbreviated explanation of what is available in that grid.

  2.  You may right-click in any score cell to view Standards Grades for assignments if Standards are enabled for the school.

  1. The Marking Period pick list will default to the one in which teachers are currently assigning their grades (e.g., "QT2- Quarter 2"). For each student, you will see their current standing in the class for that selected marking period. If you would like to view information from a prior marking period (e.g., "QT1 - Quarter 1"), then you may select it using this pick list.
  2. What are Points? Each assignment is worth a specific number of 'points.' Each assignment may have its own unique point value. For example, the homework assignment "Parameter Worksheet" may be worth a total of 25 points, and the homework assignment "Page 35, 1-5, odds only" may be worth a total of 40 points. Alternatively, all assignments may be worth the same number of points.
  3. Total Points is a sum of the point value of all graded assignments for the current marking period.
  4.  Points Scored is a sum of the points a student has earned for all of the assignments for which they have been graded.
  1. Student's Average. This is the student's average earned for the selected marking period, e.g., earned a 95 for "QTR1- Quarter 1." This average is a computation based on all the graded assignments with their associated categories in this marking period. When configuring their Grade Book, Teachers can set the averaging method: Total Points in which the categories are unweighted or Average of Weighted Category Averages in which the categories are weighted.
  2. Assignments. Each individual assignment is listed on this web page. For each assignment, you can view the total points it is worth, and the points the student earned (e.g., a student earned 24 points for a 25 point assignment).
  3.  The Assignments menu option provides you with a detailed view of the configuration of the various assignments in the selected class. You can quickly view the following assignment information: name, description category, marking period, assigned date, due date, maximum points allowed, type (required or extra credit), whether it has been graded, whether it has been published (visible to parents and students), whether there are Standards or attachments associated. If an assignment has one or more attachments, then you can click to open or download the attachment. This page is read-only. Assignment scores can be viewed by clicking the A+ in the Grade column. A read-only window opens that displays the assignment scores and any associated standard or competency assignment scores.
  4.  The Student Roster menu option lists the students available in the selected class and provides information such as birth date, id number, year of graduation, homeroom, and so forth. This page is read-only.
  1. Reports. An abbreviated explanation of the teacher grade book reports available is below.

    • Use Course Login Statistics to view which parents and students have logged into Family Engagement (e.g., Johnny Smith logged in at 5:45p on November 10th).

    • Generate the Missing Assignments Summary reports ordered by student or by assignment. The Missing Assignments Summary, ordered by student, lists all students in the course with detail of each missing assignment and the date it was due. The report, ordered by assignment, lists all assignments and their due dates with a list of students who are missing each assignment.

    • The Marking Period Summary generates a summary of all students' grades for a selected marking period (e.g., Year Course - Std - Qt1) filtered by the user selected lowest and highest-grade limit. The summary also includes comments and teacher notes.

    • The Student Progress Reports generates a summary of each students' complete grade record for this class for the marking period you select. You may run the report for one student, all students, or your selection of students in this class. It prints information such as the student's current average for the marking term, your teacher comments, the average grade for each of the categories you have defined (e.g., homework assignments, quizzes, tests), and lists each individual assignment along with the score and due date. The selections you choose on this page will be saved and recalled each time your run this report from this page, and also from the Course Summary Page.

    • The Student Progress Report with Standards generates a summary that includes student Standards/Competencies in addition to the information that is included in the Student Progress Reports. You may run the report for one student, all students, or your selection of students in this class.

    • The Year-to-Date Summary enables you to print all of the year's marking period grades for your class. There is a column for student name and a column for each of the marking periods you chose to include (e.g., Qt1, Qt2, Qt3, Qt4, FAV). You may select up to 11 marking periods to display on the report. The report only includes marking period grades – not comments, assignment grades, notes, etc.

    • The Assignments Report by Teacher provides a summary of a teacher's assignments during any date range (by Due Date) and includes the assignment descriptions. The report will include only the classes the teacher instructs. When Standards are enabled, the report lists any Standards a teacher has linked to any assignment included in the report. This report is capable of including multiple teachers and is not limited to the currently selected teacher.

    • The Assessment Scores Report provides access to student test records such as the SAT or ACT. The report may also include state-specific tests (e.g., Massachusetts MCAS) and other district-specific tests. Two reports are generated: Assessment Scores Report and Test Score Summary Report. Access to these reports is optional. The school administrator has the option to activate the assessment reports for teachers.

  1. Assessment Scores Report: For each student, the report shows all selected tests that appear in his or her record. The report shows either all scores or only the most recent score, according to the teacher’s setup. For each test, the report shows all sections and sub-sections, if any, and shows all score types enabled for the test. The report is ordered by test and Test Date from most recent to oldest test.

  2. Test Score Summary Report: This report prints Score Summaries: # of Scores, # Missing, Mean Score, and Median Score. The summary prints for each test, section and subsection included in the report.

Additional Information

Additional KBAs are available at CR Knowledge Base.
Additional Tech Bytes are available at CR Tech Bytes.

Applies to VersionVision SIS – Version 1.6 or later
KeywordsSelect a teacher, staff access to teacher grade book, summary grid, grade book reports, read only access



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