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How to set up Grade Book for the New Year – Set marking Period Dates

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Source: CRLLCCRLLC Technical Support
Summary2Marking period dates must be in place in order for teachers to be able to access their classes in the Grade Book. This article outlines the steps necessary to set up marking period dates in the MMS Grade Book for the new school year.
Prior to Implementation
  • Create course sections, assign teachers to sections, and schedule students into classes.
  • Set the teachers’ User Accounts to the new school year.
  • Complete the steps to configure the Grade Book. See article "Setting Up Grade Book For The New Year I-Override School Year and Configure MMS Grade Book".

As you proceed through the following steps, make sure the School Year in Vision SIS is set to the new school year.

  1. In Vision SIS, go to Grade Book > Setup Functions > Set Marking Period Dates.

  2. Select a Grade Plan (such as Year Course) and a Marking Period (such as Qt1).

  3. Click in the Start Date box and select the appropriate date from the calendar pop-up.

  1.  Typically, at the beginning of the year, the Start Date of the first term will be set to a day in the summer (a date in July or August) so that teachers can begin working with their classes before the first day of school.

  2.  Since teachers can access future terms (such as Qt2, Trimester 3, etc) at any time once the dates have been set, the Start Dates for these terms typically reflect the first official day of the marking period.

  1. For the Start Time, enter the time you want teachers' access to begin. The default time is 3 PM.

  2. Click in the Grades Close Date box and select the appropriate date from the calendar pop-up.

  1. Typically, this will not be the official last day of the term.

  2. Instead, enter the last date that teachers can edit grades before report cards are produced.

  1. For the Grade Due Time, enter the time of day after which teachers cannot make changes to the term grades. The default time is 3 PM. 

  1. This time is very important:  if you set the grades to close on November 5th at 10:00 am, teachers will not be able to change any grades as of 10:01 am on that day.

  1. You may set the dates for different marking periods so that they overlap.  For instance, if the Close Date of Qt1 is November 10th and the Start Date of Qt2 is November 7th, teachers will be able to work in both marking periods during those overlapping days, with no complications.

  2. The Senior End Date is an optional field that it typically only filled for the last marking period of your school year if your seniors have a different ending date than the rest of the students.

  1. Enter the Senior End Date and Senior End Time with the final date and time that teachers can enter grades for seniors. 

  1. Check off Final Grade Entry Only if teachers will not be entering any assignment grades for this term.

  1. Typically, this option is checked off for Marking Periods such as Mid-Year Exam, Final Exam, Mid-Year or Semester 1 Average, and Final Average.

  2. When this is checked off, teachers will enter one grade per student for this term using (Grade Book > Assign Grades > ) Final Grade Entry. Semester and final averages may be computed by the system. If that is the case, teachers can use this operation to view/edit the computed averages.

  1. Click Save Marking Period Dates and these dates and times will be visible in the grid.

  2. Repeat this process for every appropriate Marking Period in the Grade Plan.

  1. Setting up the Marking Period Dates for the whole school year before the year begins is most advantageous for teachers.  This allows them to add categories for all marking terms at the same time rather than having to do this separately for each marking term.  The Start and Close Dates can be modified as needed as the year progresses.    

  1. Repeat this process for every appropriate Grade Plan.

  1. If you offer Year and Semester courses, you will need to set up  dates for the Semester 1 and Semester 2 grade plans as well as the Year grade plan.

  1. Repeat this process for all schools in the database using the Grade Book.

  2. The Start and Close Dates and Times can be edited here throughout the school year if changes need to be made later.

  3. If you have Progress or Mid-Term/Mid-Quarter marking periods:

  1. We do not recommend setting up dates for Progress/Mid-Term Marking Periods.  Instead, set up dates for the 'official' marking periods (Qt1, Trimester 2, etc) only.  

  2. When it comes time for Progress/Mid-Term Reports, go to Generations > Grades Reporting Jobs > Operations > Move/Clear/Copy Grades and copy the current grades from the Marking Period (such as Qt1) to the Progress/Mid-Term (such as Pr1/MT1).

  3. When you generate the Progress/Mid-Term report from MMS, you will select the marking period the grades were copied to.

  4. This ensures that you have a copy of those grades (they do not get overwritten in the database as teachers update grades throughout the rest of the term) and eliminates confusion about marking periods in the Teacher Grade Book.

Additional Information
See article on "Setting Up Grade Book For The New Year I-Override School Year and Configure MMS Grade Book"

MMS Admin Portal Help file for Set Marking Period Dates
Applies to VersionMMS Portals 4.1 and later
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