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MMS Portals v4.4.3 Bug Fixes

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Source: CRLLCCR Technical Support
Summary2On April 13th, 2016 we released MMS Web Portals version 4.4.3. This is a maintenance update that changes how student contact emails are handled along with bug fixes. Below will list the bug fixes that come with this release.
Prior to Implementation

Important: You must also update to MMSGE v14.2.14 to use this version.

Teacher Portal – Attendance
  • Fixed: If a school is not licensed for class attendance, daily attendance codes flagged for no overwrite by online attendance could still be changed by online teacher attendance.
Teacher Portal – Skills Grades by skill grid
  • Defect Fixed:  For sections with more than fifty students, when selecting the second page of students grades entered on the first page did not save.
Staff Portal – Mail Merge
  • Fixed: an issue where, if selected, the first name (F_NAME) and last name (L_NAME) fields would create an error in the biographical mail merge.
Fixed an issue with School Payment Portal if school personnel used a staff email address* to create a parent portal account for parents who never received an email when attempting to create their account.
  • (*Staff email is now defined as being used in the MMS User table and/or the MMS Staff table. If a staff member is also using the Parent Portal as a parent, they will need to use an email address that is not entered for either their MMS user account or for their MMS staff record. Please note, parent portal accounts can still be created using a staff email address for parents having trouble receiving the initial email, but will not be able to connect to School Payment Portal. This is by design to prevent incorrect email address from being used for that application.)
Additional Information

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Applies to VersionPortals: 4.4.3
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