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MMS Portals v4.4.3

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Source: CRLLCCR Technical Support
Summary2On April 13th, 2016 we released MMS Web Portals version 4.4.3. This is a maintenance update that changes how student contact emails are handled along with bug fixes.
Prior to Implementation

Important: You must also update to MMSGE v14.2.14 to use this version.


Teacher Portal – Skills Grades

  • Added a quick link for Skills Grades FAQs on the Teacher Grade Entry-View/Edit Skills Grades page. Clicking on the link will bring the teacher straight to our website without needing to log in.  Of particular interest, "Session Disconnection Errors" describes warning messages that have been added to the Gradebook so that teachers do not continue to enter grades in the event their session times out or has lost connection.

User-added image

Parent Portal – Account Management

  • Account Creation: Parents are now required to enter their email address when creating their account. If it does not match the email address entered in MMS, they will receive the following alert:

User-added image

We’ve made it easier to deal with the following situation:

  • A student attends more than one school in a district – for example, she attends the middle school but also takes a math course at the high school – and one of the schools accidently deletes the parent portal account associated with that school. Parents may now add the student back for the missing school.  Previously the only resolution for this situation was to reset the entire parent account.

Additional checks have been added to ensure blank and/or different email addresses cannot be used for parent portal accounts when multiple students are added to a parent portal account, or if the same parent is listed multiple times as a contact.

  • Currently if a parent contact record has two different email addresses, then when that parent logs in they will see a prompt to select which email address they want to use (this was added in Fall, 2015.) There may be occasions when a parent logs in they will see the same email twice (this can happen as a result of the biographical compare and update feature in the staff portal):

User-added image

  • Although rare, if a parent does see this prompt, the last four characters displayed is the unique ID used in conjunction with School Payment Portal – the parent and/or a school administrator can contact School Payment Portal to determine which email address to select in order to ensure account history is properly maintained in their system.

Important:  In some cases the same parent will be listed multiple times as a contact – for example, they might be listed as Contact 1 with a home email address, and then listed as Contact 2, the emergency contact, with a different email address. For maintaining emergency contact email addresses that differ from the email address the parent used when creating their parent portal account, different fields or a user defined field should be used for that purpose. A given contact – the same person – can have only one email address for access to the parent portal.

Staff Portal – Student Profile

Student Contact Management
Editing an existing email address:

  • When changing a parent’s email address, and then clicking on any other field, you will now get a prompt with the following choices:

User-added image

This is the same contact, please update the email address.

  • Selecting this option indicates you are changing an existing email to a new email address or correcting a typo in the current email address.  The parent portal account information (their username and password) does not get reset when this option is selected.

  • Please note: The email address does not get updated until you click Save.

  • Important: If multiple students are associated with that contact record/parent portal account and your school is not using Family ID, best practice is to apply the email address edit to all associated student records.

Using Family ID:

  • If your school has enabled the biographical editor option to update contact records for students with the same family code, you will receive a prompt to change all records with the same contact number and Family Id:

User-added image
  • The email address change will apply to all contact records across schools for that contact number (e.g., changing the email address for a student in the high school listed as Contact 2 will also update the email for a student with the same Family ID listed as Contact 2 in the middle school.)

  • If No is selected, the email address will only get updated for the current record. However, the next time the parent logs in, they will receive a prompt asking them which email address they want to use and that address will be applied to all of their student records.

This is a new contact, please reset the account.

  • Selecting this option indicates that you are changing the identity for the contact record you are making edits to – that is, the current contact might be the mother, but you are changing the record to that of the father. 

  • Important: Choosing this option will reset the parent portal account information for that record – the username and password will be removed. For all records that share a family id, selecting yes to update all records will reset accounts for every student with the same contact record across all schools in your database

Additional Information

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