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Users and Roles – Edit User Information

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Source: CRLLCCR Professional Development
Prior to Implementation
Have administrative access to Vision SIS.

Be a Vision SIS Client.
Click HERE to access an article about how to navigate Vision, set favorites, and find help.
Use the menu and go to Users & Roles > Manage Individual Users > Edit User Information or use the search function found in the My Dashboard area.
User-added image
By default, the first user account based on the first school (in a multiple school database) in the list is displayed. To navigate to another user, click on the Find a User button.
Located in the top right corner is a drop-down for School Year & Code. This drop-down is not like the filters found in MMS. Instead, it lists the school and school year associated with the active user account. In the example pictured below, this MMS user’s information can be found in the High School for the following school years: 14-15, 15-16, 16-17 and 17-18.
User-added image
This allows users’ data to be updated year to year. If a user gets married over the summer and has a name change, the change can be reflected in the most current school year while retaining the original name in the prior school years.
Note: With this release, the First Name and Last Name fields have been increased to 50 characters.
The following demographic fields are edited here: name, address, social security, and birth date. After adding or editing information, click on Save User Demographics.
To delete a staff record, click on the delete button. This will delete the staff record for the school and school year displayed. The following message is displayed:
User-added image
Use this with caution- only if the user account must be deleted and when you are sure that the account has no associations within the database (for example, associations in any of the following tables: discipline, grades, biographical, attendance, section table, etc). 
If the staff record is only associated with one school and school year combination, deleting the staff record will also delete the person’s CR User Account (ability to log into MMS).
User-added image
Manage Phones & Emails.
Each staff member can have up to three phone numbers and two email accounts. To add a new record, click on Add. This will create a new inline item as seen below for adding a new phone number:
User-added image
Phone type is limited to cell, home, or work. Click on Save to save the information. Click on Edit to make changes to previously entered data. 
Pictured below is the email editor.  Because user accounts can now have up to 2 emails, there is a setting to indicate which email is the primary account. For teachers, the primary account is where parents and students will access them from their portals.
User-added image
Manage Degrees and Certificates.
This area allows for entry of degrees and certifications a staff member has earned. A total of 5 degrees and three certificates can be entered for each person.
To add a new record, click on Add. This will add a new record that can be edited.
User-added image
There are several options listed for degree type that can be selected from a drop-down, as seen above. The Major, Year, and Institution must be manually entered.
Note: Institution cannot be more than 4 characters long. Ex: UNH is accepted, University of New Hampshire, is not.
Click Save. When the fifth degree is added, the Add button is no longer available.
Certificates can also be added. The following information is entered for each certification: Certificate Number, Certificate Date, and Expiration Date.  All fields are required.  Certificate number is limited to 20 characters.
User-added image
Click Save. When the third certificate is added, the Add button is no longer available.
Additional Information

Additional KBAs are available at CR Knowledge Base.
Additional Tech Bytes are available at CR Tech Bytes.

Applies to VersionVision SIS: All Versions
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