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Student Discipline Editor Letter (Version 4.6)

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Source: CRLLCCR Development
Prior to Implementation

The Student Discipline Letter is only available in MMS Portals version 4.6+. To access it, a user must have access to the MMS Staff Portal and the Student Discipline Editor. An existing Actions Assigned or Infractions Committed discipline mail merge letter is required, and you must have saved a Student Discipline Letter Configuration setting. (Please refer to the KBA, Configuring Student Discipline Letter).
Note: We have added three new fields to the Letter Link Tracking table (LLS):
IndividualFileName – stores the discipline letter template name (with eligible contact and date sent appended.)
LetterID – Randomly generated tracking number
LetterSent - T/F for letter emailed.

Log into the Staff Portal. You can access the student discipline editor by choosing Staff Portal>Students>Discipline Editor. After assigning an infraction, you can click on the Letter icon to send a configured discipline letter (see the KBA, Configuring Student Discipline Letter.)
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Note that the format and contents of the letter will depend on how you have set up the selected Infractions Committed or Actions Assigned letter. However, the infraction and/or action information that appears on the letter will be limited to the infraction you are sending the letter for. Criteria used to set up the letter in Mail Merge, such as minimum number of occurrences, will not apply.
Mailing Flags
If you configured your letter to use the contact mailing flag, you can send a letter for any contact that has Send Mail and/or Send Email set to “Yes” in the Student Profile.
Note: If Yes is entered for Send Mail but No is entered for Send Email, a letter is still generated and can be saved to disk. If Send Email is set to Yes but the email address is blank, you will receive a warning message “Letter not sent. The contact email address value of [empty] is not valid.”

Mailing Options

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If you select Send Letter, the template name is stored, and a tracking number is automatically generated and flagged as letter sent.

If Discard Letter is selected the tracking number is removed.

If Close is selected the tracking number remains but flagged as letter not sent.

If you select an infraction previously used for sending a letter, the following message displays:


User-added image

Send All will resend the letter to all eligible contacts. Send Unsent will only send a letter that previously had failed (for example, due to a blank email address.)


Please note: The Letter Sent field does not verify that the letter was received; only that it was successfully sent through your email provider.

Additional Information
Additional KBAs are available at CR Knowledge Base.
Additional Tech Bytes are available at CR Tech Bytes.
Applies to VersionMMS Staff Portal 4.6 (December 2016)
KeywordsMMS Winter Release 2016, Portals 4.6, Student Discipline Editor, Discipline Letter, Staff Portal Configure Discipline Letter, Discipline Mail Merge, Send a Letter, Mail Merge.



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