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Student Schedule Editor – Drop a Section

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Source: CRLLCCR Technical Support (EFE)
Summary2The following article is designed to walk the user through dropping a section in the Student Schedule Editor in Vision SIS.
Prior to Implementation

Have staff-level access to Vision SIS.

  1. Log into Vision SIS.

  2. Students. Go to the Schedule tab.

  3. Locate the student you want to work with.

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  • Click the dropdown list for a list of students based on the current filter.

  • Click First, Prev., Next, or Last buttons to move as indicated.

  • Click Advanced Student Search to search based on Last Name, First Name, Middle Name, ID Number, HR, YOG, or Team.

  1. Drop a class.
  • Go to the Student’s Schedule area.
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  • Scroll to the course you want to drop.
  • Click the Trash can in front of the course you want to delete.
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  • If the class has information associated with it, you must confirm the withdrawal:
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  • If there is no associated information, then choose whether to delete or withdraw the section:

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  • Click Withdraw and Save Date.

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  • Withdrawal Date is the date the student exited the class.

  • Optional. Enter Record Withdrawal Grade information.

    • Check Record Withdrawal Grade.

    • Select Withdrawal Grade from the list of withdrawal grades.

    • Select one or more Withdrawal Grade Marking Periods.

  • Click OK.

  • If you opt to drop an already withdrawn course:

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  • Click OK to confirm the permanent removal of the course from the student.

Additional Information

Additional KBAs are available at CR Knowledge Base.

Applies to VersionWeb Portals: Version 4.5.0 or greater.
KeywordsStudent Schedule Editor, Staff Portal, Student Profile, Schedule, Drop, Delete.



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