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Importing PA PIMS Data into MMS
How To - January 9, 2016
The following article is designed to assist a user with the task of importing student data into MMS Generations from a PIMS Student export file (regardless of its SIS/PIMS source).
Checklist for PA PIMS PVAAS
FAQ - February 25, 2016
PA PIMS PVAAS v10.22 Checklist
PA PIMS Special Education Fields
FAQ - January 9, 2016
PA PIMS Incidents with Multiple Offenders and Different Schools
How To - January 9, 2016
The following article describes how to enter an Incident for PA PIMS when the incident occurs at one school location (e.g. High School) and involves offenders from two separate schools in the district (e.g. One offender is a High School student, and the o...
PA PIMS Child Accounting
FAQ - January 9, 2016
PA PIMS SES Student Eligibility System Exports for Primero Edge
FAQ - January 9, 2016
PA PIMS Entry/Withdrawal Date Configuration
FAQ - January 9, 2016
PA PIMS v9.4 888 and 999 Subtest Data
FAQ - January 9, 2016
How to Access the PA PIMS PVAAS v10.22 Webinar
How To - February 25, 2016
Access to the PA PVAAS and Course Submission Webinar from Feb. 11, 2016.
PA PVAAS: Part 3 – Create/Update Teacher/Student Responsibility
How To - January 9, 2016
The following article is Part 3 of 4 articles designed to walk a user through the PVAAS process. The goal of PVAAS (the Pennsylvania Value-Added Assessment System) is to compile, calculate and export Staff/Student Subtest Responsibility data.