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How to Configure Permanent Transcripts
How To - January 5, 2018
MMS Online Clients: this article is designed to walk the user through the steps involved in setting up permanent transcripts.
How to set up Permanent Transcripts
FAQ - January 29, 2016
Setting Up Transcripts
GPA and Class rank not showing on transcript
FAQ - January 9, 2016
Configure Family Portal Reports
Information - June 28, 2018
Configure Family Engagement Reports
Information - August 7, 2018
Use this document to learn where to go in Vision SIS and Generations to set up the Family Engagement reports.
CR Portals – Grades Configuration Overview
Information - December 8, 2017
MMS Online Clients: This article is an overview of the functionality associated with Grades in the portals.
Welcome to the CR Family Portal
Information - May 4, 2017
End of Year Reports and Descriptions
FAQ - March 20, 2016
How to Credit Students with high school courses taken in 8th Grade
How To - January 9, 2016
The following article is designed to walk the user through the best practices for giving students high school credit for courses they took in middle school.
Highest Text Scores on Transcripts
FAQ - June 23, 2016
How do I display the highest test score on my transcripts if the test scores are in text format?